Monday, December 03, 2007

Centrophenoxine In Stock. Resveratrol Double-Talk

Centrophenoxine must be kept cool or it will degrade over time. We always keep our entire stock refrigerated until ready for shipment to you. No other supplier I know of does this. Quality does matter if you seek real results.

Our new 300mg trans-resveratrol supplement is a hit. Our customers love it for its purity and cost-effectiveness per milligram of trans-resveratrol.

However, sadly, you as a careful consumer MUST carefully examine the labels of other products on the market. You are looking for milligrams of "trans-resveratrol".

Many weasel suppliers are trying to fool you by hiding the true resveratrol content in jibber jabber about "Red wine extract" or "proprietary extracts", or disclosing the actual trans resveratrol content as a percentage of the overall extract content (hoping you won't do the math). It may be legal, but that doesn't make it right.

It is a shameful game, played to fool and deceive you.

High quality, low-emodin trans-resveratrol is expensive. The front of the Relentless Improvement label is crystal clear in big, bold letters: "Polygonum Cuspidatum Extract, Providing 300mg trans Resveratrol".

The Relentless Improvement resveratrol Supplement Facts Panel is equally straighforward: "Amount per serving:
Polygonum cuspidatum extract: 307 mg * [standardized to 98% purity, providing 300 mg transresveratrol]."

No hiding the facts, no trying to fool you. I am proud of this product!

One supplier is selling a 325mg resveratrol product derived from 650mg total resveratrol. That is a 50% purity extract! A 50% purity extract is so chock-full of emodin, you will never leave the bathroom after taking it! (emodin is a powerful laxative)

Compare to a high-potency resveratrol extract such as from Relentless Improvement with an emodin content documented by HPLC testing to be so low it is less than 0.02% per capsule.

You must read your labels, you must be a careful shopper. Relentless Improvement will always strive to offer you the overall best supplement value in the world.