Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year!

Hopefully you had a healthy and prosperous 2007, and I wish you all an awesome 2008.

Here at Relentless Improvement I am looking forward to keeping you happy with industry leading quality documentation, high order fill rate and the widest selection of unique and effective supplements.

As always, I have some surprises in store for 2008 that will wow you (my customer) and stun the competition.

Thank you for your trust and support. With your continued business in 2008, we will keep reinventing the nutritional supplements business for the better!

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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Controlled Release Lipoic Acid - No Evidence for Efficacy

(1/14/2008: Note that the CRLA referred to in this paper are NOT Geronova's natural sustained release lipoics such as R-PLUS, Mito GOLD and R-PLUS with CoQ10.)

Brand new research released from Geronova Research, and associates, examines the science behind controlled release lipoic acid ("CRLA") and finds no evidence of benefits, safety or efficacy.

"The case against controlled release lipoic acid: A pharmacokinetic-mechanistic argument (part 1)"

Geronova and associates position is that CRLA proponent's marketing materials "fail to demonstrate superiority of CRLA" and that "It is important to distinguish marketing literature from science".

The Geronova paper clearly documents, with referenced research that "it is evident that rapid uptake and clearance of LA (Lipoic Acid) from the plasma is a beneficial attribute, not a shortcoming".

"All PK (pharmacokinetic) studies over the last 57 years provide irrefutable evidence that QRLA (quick release lipoic acid) is safe and efficacious. Recent attempts to market CRLA as a superior form of LA are without technical merit."

The new research paper was authored by:

David Carlson: Geronova director of R&D, specializing in R-lipoic and R-dihydrolipoic laboratory and industrial research.

Dr. Anthony Smith Ph.D: Linus Pauling Institute, author of multiple published, peer reviewed lipoic papers.

Dr. Heinz Ulrich, M.D.: Considered one of the worlds leading experts on lipoic acid and its use in clinical medicine. Dr. Ulrich has 44 patents and 15 peer reviewed articles on lipoic acid.

There is a ton of excellent information in this new paper, it will be worth your while to dig in. Those with a less technical interest can simply rest assured that Geronova Research r-lipoic acid supplements are the worlds best documented products, carefully researched and formulated for maximum possible benefits.

Your purchase of Geronova lipoic acid supplements supports continued groundbreaking research. I say, support those that support you! Want to chat about it? Discuss at the Relentless Improvement lipoic acid forum.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

R-Lipoic Acid Pharmacokinetics in Humans.

Remember my previous blog post with pictures from Aug 9th about participating in a R-lipoic pk study at Geronova? Well the results are now published. Here is the PDF of the Human R-Lipoic Pharmacokinetic Study. (Also available on PubMed at this link: PK Study)

It is important to note this paper is co-authored by the "father" of modern lipoic and antioxidant research, Dr. Lester Packer - Dept of Pharmacology and Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of S. California and by Dr. Anthony R Smith of the Linus Pauling Institute, an expert in the use of RLA for vascular disease and author of seven peer reviewed papers.


Unstabilized (pure) r-lipoic (as found in most r-lipoic supplements) barely registered plasma levels above baseline(!), and "is not suitable for use in pharmaceutical or nutraceutical supplements".

Geronova's NaRLA provides a quick, high plasma peak. Much more so than than an unstabilized r-lipoic (anything other than manufactured by Geronova) or an alpha-lipoic acid. This is a good thing and thought to trigger the metabolic switches the same as exercise does.

Lipoic Acid is now being considered much more as a "stressor" (stimulation of Phase II and antioxidant response elements, not "stress" like emotional stress) than as an antioxidant. Provoking this cellular stressing is thought to offer anti-aging benefits.

"RESULTS: As anticipated from the preliminary study, NaRLA is less prone to polymerization, completely soluble in water, and displays significantly higher Cmax and AUC values and decreased time to maximum concentration (Tmax) and T1/2 values than RLA or rac-LA."

NaRLA is used in the formulation of Geronova's:

K-RALA (100 mg capsules) and K-RALA 300 mg capsules.
R-PLUS Curcumin
R-PLUS N-Acetyl-Cysteine

In case you were wondering, Geronova natural sustained release lipoic acid products work synergistically and with a somewhat different mechanism than the quick release products above. The natural sustained release products are:

R-PLUS and R-PLUS 120 count

The researcher's current opinion (when I asked them) is that it is preferable to combine both a quick release r-lipoic with a natural sustained release product in your supplement regimen to achieve maximum benefits.

Your purchase of these products supports and enables the kind of research usually only done by pharmaceutical companies. Geronova is the world leader in lipoic technology.

Closing anecdote: I was subject number 6 in the pk study. Of note, my lipoic plasma peak (Cmax) was 2-3 times as high as the other participants. More testing is planned in 2008.

Oops, late edit: Want to discuss this post? Log in to the Relentless Improvement Lipoic Acid Forum!

Friday, December 07, 2007

EgCG Green Tea Colon Cancer Protection?

New EgCG study released today with intriguing findins:

"According to research reported at the Sixth International Conference on Frontiers in Cancer Prevention, sponsored by the American Association for Cancer Research, a standardized green tea polyphenol (EgCG) preparation (Polyphenon E) limits the growth of colorectal tumors in rats treated with a substance that causes the cancer."

EgCG has a multitude of exciting health benefits. No matter your age or situation, you need to take a pure EgCG green tea extract daily in my opinion. Check out my previous post here on EgCG.

"The researchers believe these findings will pave the way for clinical trials with green tea polyphenols in humans."

And I for one cannot wait to see the results!

Carnsine Eye Drops For Cataracts

Customer Feedback:

"Hi Pete

Just a note to let you how impressed I've been by the Carnosine Eye Drops which you supplied so quickly a few weeks ago. I only ordered them as an "add-on" having read a comment in your blog about how effective they'd been for an older dog. I can't believe the difference they'd made to my own dog's eyes. He is an 8 year old bullmastiff who has suffered with entropion since birth. He's been slowly developing cataracts in both eyes and has also previously caused damage to both of them via either debris or by simply walking into things!

I started by giving him one drop in each eye four times a day and within a week his eyes were clear, bright and shiny - I can't recall the last time they looked like that. I've now reduced the dose to a drop a.m. and again before bed and will continue that for the next month when he is due for a regular check-up - with any luck the vet will confirm that his cataracts have either reduced or been cleared completely. Thanks a million!

I'll definitely be shopping with you again!(I'm also passing on the info about the carnosine eye drops to my vets both here in Switzerland and also in the UK)


Pete comment: Wow, gotta love that feedback. Note of caution: it usually takes months of use to obtain the results you seek. While this was a fast, happy, result, I think the carnosine eye drop speed of action in this example was exceptional.

Monday, December 03, 2007

Centrophenoxine In Stock. Resveratrol Double-Talk

Centrophenoxine must be kept cool or it will degrade over time. We always keep our entire stock refrigerated until ready for shipment to you. No other supplier I know of does this. Quality does matter if you seek real results.

Our new 300mg trans-resveratrol supplement is a hit. Our customers love it for its purity and cost-effectiveness per milligram of trans-resveratrol.

However, sadly, you as a careful consumer MUST carefully examine the labels of other products on the market. You are looking for milligrams of "trans-resveratrol".

Many weasel suppliers are trying to fool you by hiding the true resveratrol content in jibber jabber about "Red wine extract" or "proprietary extracts", or disclosing the actual trans resveratrol content as a percentage of the overall extract content (hoping you won't do the math). It may be legal, but that doesn't make it right.

It is a shameful game, played to fool and deceive you.

High quality, low-emodin trans-resveratrol is expensive. The front of the Relentless Improvement label is crystal clear in big, bold letters: "Polygonum Cuspidatum Extract, Providing 300mg trans Resveratrol".

The Relentless Improvement resveratrol Supplement Facts Panel is equally straighforward: "Amount per serving:
Polygonum cuspidatum extract: 307 mg * [standardized to 98% purity, providing 300 mg transresveratrol]."

No hiding the facts, no trying to fool you. I am proud of this product!

One supplier is selling a 325mg resveratrol product derived from 650mg total resveratrol. That is a 50% purity extract! A 50% purity extract is so chock-full of emodin, you will never leave the bathroom after taking it! (emodin is a powerful laxative)

Compare to a high-potency resveratrol extract such as from Relentless Improvement with an emodin content documented by HPLC testing to be so low it is less than 0.02% per capsule.

You must read your labels, you must be a careful shopper. Relentless Improvement will always strive to offer you the overall best supplement value in the world.

Special Limited-Time Quantity Discount Prices

I did some price adjusting to nearly all of the Relentless Improvement brand supplements. Added some new quantity discount levels, and adjusted existing levels.

Worth your while to check it out, the deeper discounts are compelling. Stock up now and save.

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