Monday, October 29, 2007

Relentless Improvement News Update. 2007 Recap, Thoughts for 2008

Time flies when you are busy, and November is about to be upon us. Given that 2007 is nearly over, I wanted to update you on Relentless Improvement's ability to serve you today and in the future.

You are seeking: 1. Availability 2. Unique supplements 3. Highest quality 4. Intelligent dosing per capsule 5. Fast shipping and 6. Simple, dependable and secure ecommerce platform.

And we delivered:

We introduced eight (!) new Relentless Improvement brand products in 2007. Each targeting a unique niche market.

1. Ultra high potency and quality EgCG Green Tea Extract. 357 mg EgCG per capsule derived from a unique chloroform-free extraction method.

2. Low emodin, 98% Resveratrol Extract. A huge 300mg per capsule for those seeking the high dose resveratrol lifestyle.

3. Convenient high-dose Strontium Citrate capsules offering 340 mg elemental strontium per capsule. Combined with k2, Strontium Citrate is the ultimate in bone building support.

4. Cost effective Vitamin K2 Menatetrenone. A full 15 mg per capsule, the dose shown in most studies to offer the highest level of bone building support. K2 Menatetrenone is best used in combination with Strontium Citrate.

5. Galantamine in a cost effective, easy dosing 8 mg scored tablet.

6. Lithium Orotate for life extension and mood support. 5 mg elemental Lithium Orotate per vegi-capsule.

7. Iodine/Iodide High Potency supplement. Compare to Iodoral. Glazed, enteric coated vegi-tablets prevent stomach upset and bad taste on the tongue from this iodine supplement.

8. Picamilon in a perfectly dosed 100 mg capsule. Picamilon has different effects in small doses than it does in larger doses.

We provided you a 100% fill rate on Relentless Improvement brand products. Do you hate backorders? You will love Relentless Improvement.

We always publicly document the quality of our finished products. Certificates of Analysis by well respected, FDA credentialed analytical laboratories are posted to our site shortly after product introduction. The CoA's are tied by lot number to the actual product we ship to you. Our competitors still refuse to follow our leadership. Why?

Simply put, an independent CoA by a credentialed laboratory is your ultimate assurance of quality, purity and claimed label content. Why would you accept less?

Smart, interesting, dosing of products: We carefully study the latest research when formulating a new Relentless Improvement product. Our intention is to offer you a dose and purity per capsule that allows you to conveniently, safely and cost effectively reach your supplementation goals.

We ship fast. We ship on Saturday. We ship same day for orders received before 1 PM pacific time. You want instant gratification? You got it.

Ecommerce is no game, and doing it well is no easy task. Our customers are provided with online ordering that is 100% up and available. Offering real time international shipping rates based on order size, ship to location and method. We are hosted on the most secure servers available. You can view your order process in the currency of your choice.

We are the clear choice for international customers. Especially with the US dollar being turned into confetti by our Federal Reserve. The weakness of the US dollar is allowing you to source our high-quality products at deep discounts.

We are international shipping specialists, and your orders usually pass your customs with no problems. Many suppliers are blacklisted by customs officials due to prior customs fraud (false invoices, etc). Relentless Improvement is in good standing with all customs authorities.

2007 was another year of huge growth, and truth be told, my single biggest challenge is scaling up all of our processes to keep up. A good problem to have. Relentless Improvement has certainly earned the world-wide reputation as a trusted source for high-quality supplements.

Of note, we came under repeated attack in several online forums from a person soon unmasked as a competitor hiding behind false online identities, even impersonating a doctor! Documentation of the poster's past subterfuge is found when Googling their screen name. Chronicles of their deception go back many years: Unique Nutrition for example (email me if you want more links).

2008 is a year you can look forward to. More new, unique products. Web site refinements. And more of the same great service that you have become accustomed to. With your continued orders we will continue to grow and serve your needs.

Thanks for your trust and support.

Pete Hitesman