Monday, July 09, 2007

Elixir of Youth, In A Pill? Resveratrol May Be It.

Nice article in the New York Times about David Sinclair and Sirtris Pharmaceuticals work with High Potency Resveratrol:

"a molecular compound called resveratrol, found in red wine and other plant products, extends the life span of mice by as much as 24 percent and the life span of other animals, such as flies and fish, by as much as 59 percent."

"Resveratrol may therefore be mimicking caloric restriction without an arduous diet that few people can maintain for very long."

"In any case, he says, mice have consumed as much as 400 milligrams of resveratrol per kilogram of body weight without ill effect. On the contrary, the rodents became sleek, slim and powerfully athletic. (A human would have to drink 10,000 bottles of wine a day to consume the same quantity of resveratrol.)"

Most Polygonum cuspidatum extract supplements, which provide resveratrol, currently on the market are very low dose and contain huge amounts of an impurity called "emodin" which causes a pronounced laxative and flatulence effect. Ugh.

Relentless Improvement brand Resveratrol is based on a very pure 98% extract, and offers 300mg per capsule, with very low emodin content.

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