Thursday, April 05, 2007

Carnosine Eye Drops - Don't Fall For The Marketing Hype.

Let me point out some facts on Carnosine Eye Drops:
  • All the studies were conducted with the acetlyated form of carnosine (Acety-L-Carnosine). A company sells a version that is simple "l-carnosine" which has no science behind it.
  • Benzyl alcohol has decades of use, is proven very safe and does not cause stinging.
  • Any stinging, which in my experience is very, very rare, is caused by pH difference. Our carnosine eye drops pH is adjusted just right.
  • A new drop is using a preservative called Biopolynate, now I am worried about this because I don't think it has an established safety record like benzyl alcohol does.
  • Also- if this new drop has a pH above 7, then it cannot penetrate the cornea.
Another company claims that only a patented product can be effective, this is crazy! A molecule's beneficial action is not determined by it's patent status. Furthermore I have never found a US patent issued.

As always, we have to separate the facts from the marketing hype. The fact is, Relentless Improvement provides a proven purity, proven content carnosine eye drop. We are the only supplier to provide you a fully 3rd party analyzed product for your safety and peace of mind.

Now that is good news.


Carnosine Eye Drops