Thursday, February 15, 2007

Supplement Contamination: It Is Real and You Should Care just came in with new testing results, in this case it was St Johns Wort (which I don't sell). Guess what they found?

"Two supplements failed testing due to contamination with heavy metals. Interestingly, these were the only two products to contain some or all of their St. John's wort as whole herb, rather than extract. Extracts may benefit from removal of these metals during their processing. Although alone these products do not pose a health risk, they represent avoidable sources of contaminants:"


"Two products contained somewhat less of the St. John's wort compounds claimed on their labels"

One product "exceeded by over 100% the cadmium limit proposed for medicinal plants by the World Health Organization (WHO). It may seem odd that the product was contaminated despite its claim to be "certified" as organically grown. While this implies the non-use of chemical pesticides, one should not assume that it assures the absence of other contaminants."

Ha! So much for the emails I get all the time asking for "natural" and "organic" supplements. The public is full of misconception and misinformation.

This is eye opening stuff, and guess what? They find the same kind of problems nearly every time they test.

Relentless Improvement branded products are documented for your safety. The test results are public for you to read. I don't just talk a good game, I put my money where my mouth is.

The more that you purchase from Relentless Improvement, the more we can afford to add new, documented purity products. It is a virtuous circle and everybody wins.

Or, you can support those businesses in the race to the bottom, that could care less if they slowly poison you.