Friday, February 23, 2007

AOR's Ortho-Mind As "Smart-Drug". Feed Your Brain

I experiment with most of the products I sell. I find myself coming back, time after time, to Ortho-Mind for a well rounded, generously dosed cognitive enhancement product.

AOR really hit a home run on this one.

More physical and mental energy, clearer thought, enhanced music appreciation, greater verbal fluidity.

To soak up the free-radicals produced by the increased mitochondrial activity, I always use supplemental Geronova r-lipoic acid.(I take both the R-PLUS and R-Plus Curcumin twice daily)

I was looking at some other sites and most of the combo products are poorly formulated, and list the individual ingredient doses as proprietary! Look, lets just call BS on the hypesters, and invest in a superior product.

Try a bottle of Ortho-Mind and Geronova r-lipoic today. Give it 30 days. You too will be thrilled with the results.

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Why would you want to risk buying from anyone else?

Happy Friday!