Tuesday, February 27, 2007

New AOR Products: Advanced Whey, Ortho-Methyl, Multi-Basics 3

New, and in stock now:

Advanced Whey (unflavored) AOR says: " Recent scientific research examining the anti-inflammatory, anti-carcinogenic, cholesterol-lowering and immune system-enhancing effects of whey protein is centred on a potent triad of uniquely distinct whey fractions, namely; Alpha-lactalbumin, Lactoferrin, and Sialic Acid. Advanced Whey from AOR is specifically reinforced with these three fractions."

Multi-Basics 3 AOR's brand-new multi vitamin formulation. AOR says: "Multi Basics 3™ is formulated to deliver the most fundamental nutrients in their best forms in the fewest capsules possible. Multi Basics 3™ includes all recognized essential nutrients and delivers them in superior forms, such as the inclusion of the complete E complex, Se-methylselenocysteine, and Menatetrenone."

Ortho-Methyl (Order error- 24 in stock, will be marked as Sold Out when inventory exhausted) "Ortho Methyl supports optimal methylation and healthy metabolism of the toxic amino acid homocysteine. Recent research suggests that methylation plays a central role in human health, supporting normal cell differentiation, gene expression, bone structure, and cardiovascular function. Research strongly suggests that elevated homocysteine is plays a negative role in cardiovascular health. Ortho•Methyl provides orthomolecules with proven methylation-enhancing abilities, at doses supported by published human studies."

We also have the brand new Sucrose-free (unsweetened) Essential Mix vitamin mineral powder mix in stock now. RI is the only place in the USA you can find this product. I put some incredible limited-time discount pricing onto this item to celebrate its availability.

Relentless Improvement is the site you can trust for having what you want in stock every day (we are AOR's highest-volume distributor in the world), fast world-wide shipping, secure and safe transactions.

Why would you risk purchasing AOR products anywhere else?


Sunday, February 25, 2007

Pay Per Click Ads and Ecommerce Websites

Recently I have noticed an increase of supplement websites that also have Pay Per Click ads running on thier pages. This should be your instant clue that the site is not worth your time.

I mean, come on... why would any self respecting, successful site want to run ads that compete with thier own products? I'll tell you why- they don't care much about what they have to sell. They hope you will click the ads, which generates income for them (and they never have to ship a thing).

Several of these sites attempt to trick you into thinking that they are sites that "review" products. Yeah, these "reviews" are about as authentic and trustworthy as those that come in your daily spam emails.

You click the link to the product in the "review", and the site host collects referral fees.

Be a smart shopper. Don't fall for the scam.


More Change! New Look For The Blog, Misc Comments

If you don't make friends with improvement, you are destined to fall behind those that do.

Coming up with the new design and coding some custom features into this blog was actually fun. I am probably much more tech and ecommerce oriented than most web retailers.

Hope you like the new look and feel.

Other Info:

Relentless Improvement web site redesign and update are in progress, expect to see the results next week. Conceptualization and design are a blast - I love this stuff.

The challenge is to deploy look / feel / functionality that allow you, my customer, the greatest ease in locating and purchasing the exact product you seek with the minimum number of steps.

Ease of navigation must be combined with the ultimate in security for ecommerce. This is a huge challenge, but is entirely achievable with the right platform, safeguards, and testing. Customers have relayed some horror stories to me about other sites, and it (unfortunately) doesn't surprise me at all.

Finding a product on the cheap is all well and good, as long as your financial information is not stolen in the process.

Thanks for your trust and support.


Saturday, February 24, 2007

Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega / DHA Omega-3 Fish-Oils Added

Trying out some new fish oils (Omega-3's). Vote with your wallet on which you like.

Nordic Naturals molecularly distilled, burp-free, lemon flavored liqui-gels. Yummy good. Heck, they taste good if you DO burp!

Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega is EPA and DHA.

Nordic Naturals EPA is a higher ratio of EPA.

Relentless Improvement has a superior selection of molecularly distilled omega-3 fish oil products to suit your every need.


Friday, February 23, 2007

AOR's Ortho-Mind As "Smart-Drug". Feed Your Brain

I experiment with most of the products I sell. I find myself coming back, time after time, to Ortho-Mind for a well rounded, generously dosed cognitive enhancement product.

AOR really hit a home run on this one.

More physical and mental energy, clearer thought, enhanced music appreciation, greater verbal fluidity.

To soak up the free-radicals produced by the increased mitochondrial activity, I always use supplemental Geronova r-lipoic acid.(I take both the R-PLUS and R-Plus Curcumin twice daily)

I was looking at some other sites and most of the combo products are poorly formulated, and list the individual ingredient doses as proprietary! Look, lets just call BS on the hypesters, and invest in a superior product.

Try a bottle of Ortho-Mind and Geronova r-lipoic today. Give it 30 days. You too will be thrilled with the results.

Relentless Improvement LLC is the largest distributor of Geronova Research and Advanced Orthomolecular Research products in the world for all the right reasons: Safe, secure and professional ecommerce platform, superb customer service, same-day shipping, high fill rate and climate controlled warehousing.

Why would you want to risk buying from anyone else?

Happy Friday!

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Changes, Changes

Some good surprises coming your way very soon :-)

RelentlessImprovement.com has in the short span of two years established itself as the gold standard provider of unique nutritional supplements. We've earned a reputation for broad product selection, dependable availability and documented quality.

But there is no rest here. Being a leader means a relentless push to make things better, faster, easier, and to offer the most innovative products.

New Relentless Improvement brand, Proven Pure Supplements™ are in the pipeline.

A new website which is cleaner, simpler and easier to use than ever is right around the corner.

Same fast shipping, high fill-rate and superb customer service.

You see other web sites make claims of pharmaceutical grade products, but they can't back that up with documentation. They claim they will offer unique products, but why are they never available? Ghost products I call them :-)

The world is full of copycats, followers and second-best's. When you support them you might save a few bucks but look at what you risk- your financial information to fraud and identity theft (yes, customers told me it happened to them), your health (from undocumented products and careless bottling) and your patience (when they can't follow through on their claims).

Out with the hype, enough of the BS!

When you support Relentless Improvement with your purchases, you support safety, security, accountability and innovation.

Thanks for your trust,

Monday, February 19, 2007

Relentless Improvement® Is Now A Registered Trademark

Part of building a business is defining, developing and protecting intellectual property rights. Relentless Improvement is now an official ® registered trademark protected from infringement by tough and strict law.

This also protects our customers, who have come to expect the very highest quality nootropics, supplements and representation in the business. When you see Relentless Improvement associated with nutritional products, you know you are getting the very best :-)


Thursday, February 15, 2007

Supplement Contamination: It Is Real and You Should Care

CosumerLab.com just came in with new testing results, in this case it was St Johns Wort (which I don't sell). Guess what they found?

"Two supplements failed testing due to contamination with heavy metals. Interestingly, these were the only two products to contain some or all of their St. John's wort as whole herb, rather than extract. Extracts may benefit from removal of these metals during their processing. Although alone these products do not pose a health risk, they represent avoidable sources of contaminants:"


"Two products contained somewhat less of the St. John's wort compounds claimed on their labels"

One product "exceeded by over 100% the cadmium limit proposed for medicinal plants by the World Health Organization (WHO). It may seem odd that the product was contaminated despite its claim to be "certified" as organically grown. While this implies the non-use of chemical pesticides, one should not assume that it assures the absence of other contaminants."

Ha! So much for the emails I get all the time asking for "natural" and "organic" supplements. The public is full of misconception and misinformation.

This is eye opening stuff, and guess what? They find the same kind of problems nearly every time they test.

Relentless Improvement branded products are documented for your safety. The test results are public for you to read. I don't just talk a good game, I put my money where my mouth is.

The more that you purchase from Relentless Improvement, the more we can afford to add new, documented purity products. It is a virtuous circle and everybody wins.

Or, you can support those businesses in the race to the bottom, that could care less if they slowly poison you.


Friday, February 09, 2007

Ortho-Mind, EGCG MAX , Essential Mix w/o Sucralose And Ortho-Bone Limited-Time Super Sale

Special Sale quantity-discount pricing: Huge quantity discounts available on Essential Mix w/o sucralose, Ortho-Bone, EGCG MAX and Ortho-Mind.

Limited time, while supplies last.


Sunday, February 04, 2007

New- Relentless Improvement Forums/Bulletin Board

Sneak peek- Relentless Improvement Forum.

You, my blog readers are the first to know :-) Feel free to move in and make yourselves at home. Unlike other forums, I plan to shoot first and ask questions in the case of trolls and spammers. To further a higher level of discussion, poster's IP addresses are not only logged, but made public in each post. Disclosure fosters good behavior and quality posts.

Look and feel will evolve to more closely match the Relentless Improvement site over the next few weeks.


Thursday, February 01, 2007

Scientific American Magazine - Curcumin, Cure for Alzheimers and Cancer?

A new article in Scientific American magazine offers a provocative heading:

"An ingredient in curry shows promise for treating Alzheimer's, cancer and other diseases"

and notes that:

curcumin and related compounds called curcuminoids--as having antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal properties, with potential activity against cancer, diabetes, arthritis, Alzheimer's disease and other chronic maladies. And in 2005 nearly 300 scientific and technical papers referenced curcumin in the National Library of Medicine's PubMed database, compared with about 100 just five years earlier.

This is a great and free read.

The way to benefit from Curcumin is by daily use of Geronova Research's R-lipoic acid with Bio-Curcumax Curcumin. As the article points out, getting the curcumin into the blood plasma is a problem. R-PLUS Curcumin employs a unique curcumin formula that reaches levels seven times higher in plasma, and is sustained there longer compared to other curcumin products.

Furthermore, only Geronova r-lipoic acid is specially formulated to be water soluble, heat-stable and resistant to polymerization and has higher absorption than other forms of RLA. R-PLUS Curcumin is free of residual solvents due to water processing.