Thursday, January 11, 2007

Documented Potent and Pure 1% Acetyl-L-Carnosine Eye Drops

You have probably heard about Carnosine Eye Drops? There is a lot of buzz going around about what carnosine eye drops do for people with certain eye conditions.

We offer a lubricating eye drop with 1% Acetyl-L-Carnosine. There are similar products on the market, but until now you (the consumer) had no assurance exactly what you were buying and if it was pure and sterile.

You already know the FDA had to crack down a couple years ago.

Thanks to the Relentless Improvement Documented Difference™, now you have real peace of mind. Listed prominently on our carnosine eye drop web page is a link to a certificate of analysis (CoA) from an FDA approved analytical testing laboratory.

Our drops contained 1.08% Acetyl-L-Carnosine and tested free of harmful molds, bacteria and other nasty pathogens.

No other distributor goes to the trouble and expense of providing you this critical independent documentation of purity, potency and sterility. Without which you have no real proof of marketer's claims.

We provide you CoA's on ALL Relentless Improvement branded products to assure you of receiving pharmaceutical quality products.

Some companies claim testing, but where is their proof? They have none. Or they fall back on supplier provider provided CoA's which have been known to be inaccurate and unreliable. Others claim in-house testing, but really, isn't that just the fox guarding the henhouse?