Sunday, December 17, 2006

Bruce Ames Speaks on Multi-Vitamin Supplementation

Bruce Ames is a very well respected scientist and researcher. He also happens to be the father of the lipoic acid/acetyl-l-carnitine anti-aging combination.

Dr. Ames offered comment in a Sunday San Francisco Chronicle article regarding his view on multi-vitamin supplementation. If you want to gain some new perspective this is a great read.

The title is a mouthful: "CELLULAR NUTRITION- The Hunt to Fix Hidden Hunger. Biochemist Bruce Ames thinks a simple multivitamin may fight obesity"

I just took my daily dose of 6 Ortho-Core capsules and Theralac probiotic with my breakfast. While Dr, Ames advocates a cheap multi for the masses, I want the best money can buy and I believe Ortho-Core is that product. To me supplementation has never been an expense, but rather an investment. An investment in my present and future good health.

Happy Sunday