Saturday, December 16, 2006

CLL And EGCG, a Trial Participient Speaks Out

Email from a customer today:


I have just completed a clinical trial at Mayo Clinic that involved Green tea extract pills containing high concentrations of EGCG. I was in the cohort that was instructed to take 800 mg twice a day. I had absolutely no symptoms when taking this for over 6 months and actually saw my White cell count drop as a result.

Now that my part in the study is completed I have been given the option of taking 6 months worth of Green tea from Matsui. Unfortunately, the 100 mg tablets from Matsui are a NEW formulation of EGCG. They consist of a “paste” inside of a hard shell instead of a capsule with powder that I took when I was on the phase 1 study. I am absolutely unable to take these pills in any amount. I had developed a bad case of gastroenteritis and had extreme stomach pain and cramps after just a couple weeks taking 1600 mg/day. I am now looking for a new EGCG high concentrate pill supplement to take and I ran into your company using a Google search and have ordered 3 bottles."

I have many customer reports regarding the benefits of our EGCG MAX product. If you need a true pharmaceutical grade EGCG, this product is for you. Some people cannot afford to risk cheap grocery store "green tea pills" and for them we have the solution.

Happy Weekend!