Monday, November 13, 2006

Prostaphil-2 for BPH (benign prostatic hyperplasia), Prostatitus, Urinary Urgency

AOR offers a unique product that has proven in studies and anecdotal reports to be quite effective.


Many folks report relief within days, others with 1-3 months of daily use. Well tolerated with no side-effects.

From objective source Consumer Labs:

"At the end of the study, 69% of the participants who had been taking the grass pollen [for bph] had reduced the number of trips they had to make to the bathroom at night. In the placebo group, only 37% reported improvement in this symptom."


"69% of the participants receiving [defined pollen extract] treatment reported overall improvement [in bph symptoms], while only 29% of the group taking the placebo felt they had improved, another statistically significant difference."

How and why does it work? AOR speculates that "Molecular, experimental,and clinical studies suggest that defined pollen extract may reduce inflammation and balance the muscle tone of the urethra and bladder – effects which might help to explain some of the extract’s effects on the symptoms of BPH."

I suggest you try a bottle today.