Monday, October 09, 2006

Limited Time Sale: Idebenone and Pyritinol.

Limited Time Sale: Idebenone and Pyritinol.

Stock up now. Incredible quantity discounts on these two popular items.

Pyritinol (also known as the prescription drug Encefabol) has been in use as a nootropic (smart-drug) since it was patented and made available by Merck in the early 60's. Commonly used as part of an overall anti-aging program. Many therapeutic uses as detailed on PubMed (main page).

Compare us to other pyritinol products on the market: we offer a cost-effective supply of 60 capsules of safe 200 mg dose. Other products are either more expensive (only a 100 mg capsule) or a risky 400mg dose (pyritinol should not be used in excess of 300mg daily unless under advice of a physician!).

Idebenone (also known as the prescription drugs Cerestabon, Mnesis) is an enhanced, upgraded, synthetic version of CoQ10- providing a greater range and depth of protection. PubMed lists a huge range of therapeutic benefits. A very potent anti-oxidant quite effective at mopping-up free-radicals. The Relentless Improvement brand Idebenone is a higher dose capsule: a full 150 mg compared to most competitors which offer a much less cost-effective 30 or 45 mg.

All Relentless Improvement brand products are a true, proven pharmaceutical grade. The independent laboratory analysis we provide is your assurance that our products are pure. Without testing, you risk ingesting counterfeit product, heavy metal contamination, mold and bacteria content.

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