Monday, September 18, 2006

Does Relentless Improvement Sell "Real" Substances?

I don't whether to laugh or cry.

The circumstances thankfully don't happen often. Customer calls and says "Hey, uh, is such and such product the real thing?"

Relentless Improvement is the only company that I know of in the world that provides independent, 3rd party analysis of its Relentless Improvement branded products. So far, CoA's using 3 different well-respected labs, all FDA approved.

I spend a ton of money to have these tests done. Locating and providing reference standards for HPLC analysis is usually an incredible headache, and always expensive. Often, a "method" (to test a substance) must also be provided or developed for the HPLC, it too is a headache to obtain.

The test results are always tied to the lot number of the product that my customer receives. I do large bottling runs so as to spread the cost of the testing over many sales. When a new run is produced, a new CoA is generated.

All lab information is clearly visible on the test results. Anyone desiring to confirm the authenticity of what I present is easily able to do so.

Having workups from a variety of labs additionally precludes the (slim) chance that I somehow managed to persuade the (FDA approved) lab to "customize" the results.

Links to CoA's are easily accessible from the individual product pages AND I placed a link to them smack in the middle of the home page.

Consider the state of the US supplement market: a total lack of 3rd party testing for toxic metals, possibility of dangerous microbial and fungal contamination and no HPLC proof the product actually contains what is claimed.

I applaud a customer concerned about quality, but our products are the only ones backed up by proof. I put my money where my mouth is.

How about saving that question for the other sites you do business with?


Methuselah Foundation Receives $3.5 Million Vote of Confidence

Kevin Parrott, outreach coordinator of the Methuselah Foundation, emailed me today to announce "a major step forward in applying engineering principles to age-related disease with the commitment of 3.5 million dollars from Peter Thiel, Co-Founder of PayPal, towards funding the research behind Aubrey de Grey's SENS proposals".

Methuselah Foundation "offers the multi-million dollar Methuselah Mouse Prize (Mprize), in the spirit of the Ansari X Prize, to be awarded for significant, scientifically reproducible life extension in already aged lab mice, to create a “tipping point” in anti-aging science".

Visit the page.

Through my business Relentless Improvement LLC, I have supported and sponsored MPrize for over a year now. Your purchases through Relentless Improvement help bring science to bear in solving the disease of aging.


PS- Late edit and update: Just found this article in today's San Francisco Chronicle regarding this story. I love the controversy! Stimulates much needed debate.