Thursday, August 17, 2006

Advance Notice Of Impending Prices Increases

If you are on my mailing list you just received this email:

Hi There

Advanced Orthomolecular Research will begin enforcing a no-discount pricing policy on their distributors. We expect this to go into effect in September. Relentless Improvement is the largest distributor of AOR products in the world. I am sending you this advance notice to allow you to order whatever products you like at current, every-day low pricing before this change goes into effect.

Here is a direct link to all AOR products that we carry: AOR Products

I anticipate that nearly all existing quantity discounts will go away, and that some deeply discounted products may increase by as much as 20-40%

AOR offers innovative and unique products of very high purity. Much of their business comes from health care professionals. We offer their line to you, the general public. All items are non-prescription in the USA.

Thanks for your trust and business.

Kind Regards,
Pete Hitesman - Owner
Relentless Improvement LLC
Livermore, California