Friday, July 14, 2006

Crayhon Research - Body Vibrance. Now In Stock

The long awaited Crayhon Research Body Vibrance is now in stock. If you are seeking a Multi-Vitamin/Mineral with Omega-3's this is your product. Very innovative formulation using the highest quality raw materials.

The carnitine is from Lonza, the mineral chelates are from Albion, the carotenoids lutien and lycopene are from natural, not synthetic sources.

The fish oils (Omega-3) have been tested for rancidity, metals, PCB's, dioxin, bacteria, yeast and molds.

Works as a superb, balanced combination with Crayhon Research's Brain Vibrance or Brain Vibrance Supreme Powder products.

PS- Both Brain Vibrance and Body Vibrance are supplied as individual tear open plastic packs, so they make life easier for those keeping up with different pills and capsules. Quite convenient for travel too!

If you seek the very best that money can buy, Crayhon Research Body Vibrance is it.