Saturday, May 13, 2006

Myths, Lies, Stupidity. John Stossel, Bruce Ames (!)

I was tickled to find this article today. What a shocker to find one of the people I personally respect and admire, Professor Bruce Ames, the father of lipoic acid/acetyl-l-carnitine research involved in a part of this article about Stossels new book.

A quote:
"DR. AMES: Practically everything in the supermarket, if you really looked at it at the parts per billion level, would have carcinogens. Vegetables are good for you, yet vegetables make toxic chemicals to keep off insects, so every vegetable is 5 percent of its weight in toxic chemicals. These are Nature's pesticides. Celery, alfalfa sprouts, and mushrooms are just chock-full of carcinogens."

Ha! Makes me chuckle to think of the people that call me demanding "natural" supplements. Some peoples thought processes are a mile wide, but only an inch deep. For my business and in-house products, I test for what matters: Microbial, yeast, mold, heavy metal contamination. A molecule has no idea if it is derived synthetically or "naturally". Read up people!

Hope you enjoy.