Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Customer Feedback

"I would like to reiterate that I
love doing business with your company. Honesty, good
customer service, and a knowledgeable owner really
does go a long way for customer satisfaction. I would
never think of ordering from another store.

Happy Customer"

Emails like this make the long days and hard work all worthwhile.


SalmonEssentials SUPER SALE. Short Expiry Inventory Blowout

SalmonEssentials with Astafactor Astaxanthin. I have limited supplies with short expiry - May 06. This is a one time chance to stock up at a special price: 1-3 bottles only $21.95 each or 4 or more only $15.95 ea. Yikes!

If you keep it and use it past expiry there is no problem other than the astaxanthin begins to lose potency. You still have the benefits of a molecularly distilled Omega-3 Salmon Oil supplement.

This is the same Omega-3 I use personally. Good stuff.

Grab it and growl.