Monday, February 13, 2006

Go Raw, Get Smart

This article in the UK Guardian presents new research, and yet more confirmation that diet plays a foundational role in cognition and mental health.

Here in the San Francisco Bay area, we are very lucky to have a number of raw food restaurants. I feel great after a raw meal, my body's way of thanking me for treating it well.

A quote:
"Where a person has nutritional deficiencies in their diet, they are given omega-3 fatty acids, multivitamins and mineral supplements. Those with poor diets are advised to reduce their intake of saturated fat and sugar."


Sulbutiamine - Amazing

Jeepers Creepers...

Sulbutiamine is easily my favorite nootropic of all time. There is a mood component that has to be experienced to be appreciated. A definite "lift" that will have you craving to wash the car, double the mileage of your hike, and put on the rave tracks and dance naked.

Seriously, I see why athletes love this stuff, it really boosts endurance. There is no hangover or morning-after effect.

The memory effect is also quite pronounced, immediate enhancement.

I find I receive excellent effects with a 600 mg morning dose. The boost tapers off about 10 hours later. Sleep is improved with more lucid dreaming which is always nice.

Idebenone and Pyritinol seem to synergize very well, as does Centrophenoxine.

Its sister molecule Benfotiamine also seems to synergize well and will give you AGE (Advanced Glycation Endproduct) inhibiting side benefit.

Anytime you ramp up brain activity with nootropics, it is good to supply choline donors like CDP-Citicoline and Alpha-GPC (Choline Alfoscerate).

You always want to quench excess free radicals generated by increased mitochondrial activity with a pharmaceutical grade, time-release r-lipoic acid from GeroNova Research to finish off the mix.

Sulbutiamine is not well know in the USA, but has been used safely around the world for years.