Thursday, February 09, 2006

Cognitive Support Supplements - Not a Quick Fix. But They Do Work.

Look, if you are starting with a fair level of intelligence, chances are good you can tweak things a bit. Especially if you allow some time for the substances to work. Like 3-6 months.

It's not like you pop a 'racetam, or pyritinol and sit back and 10 IQ points are magically added to your addled brain. There are a couple substances that can aid memory retention upon ingestion, but they have drawbacks, and are not commonly available. We don't sell them.

I had some great feedback today from a mom who is using our pure Piracetam and Ortho-Mind with her daughter who is cognitively disabled. After 3 months supplementation, mom has seen significant improvement in her daughters ability to communicate, and ability to interact with others. So, in this case, "smart-supplements" simply enabled a better quality of life.

For me, I could tell a difference each month. As though different psychic vistas were opening, senses sharpened, lucid dreaming increased, music revealed notes and nuance I never heard before. But it didn't happen overnight.

Perhaps you have been interested in augmenting? Perhaps you have tried a few things? Maybe you are an old pro?

My suggestion is to form a plan, and stick with your plan. Carefully research the available products. Carefully examine if combination products might be right for you (avoid window dressed labels! i.e.- meaningless dosage levels). Enter into your journey of improvement with patience and reasonable expectations. Allow yourself to enjoy the results as they slowly unfold.

Or allow yourself the pleasure of helping somebody you know to improve their lives. Somebody that may be in a situation to not be able to help themselves.

A last piece of advice- pick a monthly budget, and supplement to that budget. ~$100 is a good start. Employing a well rounded plan of very high quality supplements is ~$200+. Nobody matches our combination of documented purity, selection and integrity.

Here's to your improvement! (Relentless!!)

Sulbutiamine - Arriving Tomorrow.

Very good news- our pharmaceutical Sulbutiamine is arriving tomorrow (Friday Feb 10).

200 mg x 120 capsules, at .37 cents per dose our pricing is 80-90% less than generic Arcalion (averaging $2-4 per dose! Yikes!). Encapsulated and bottled in FDA approved, cGMP facilities.

Also known as Arcalion and Bisibutiamine outside the USA where it is sold as a prescription only. Stable at room temperature.

Fascinating nootropic, provides energy, very safe, very effective in clinical studies. In spite of it's energizing properties, it is reported to realign circadian sleep rhythms and assist with restful sleep. More Info.

We did a somewhat short run and may sell out. Available to order now, will be advising of availability in a email newsletter mailing this weekend to all customers (that may not read my blog). You are on our mailing list? If not you can sign up here. We do not do hardcopy mailings.