Sunday, January 29, 2006

Do You Drink Coffee?

Do You Drink Coffee? I do. The caffeine keeps me rolling through a 12 hour day.

But I had no idea how GOOD a cup of coffee could be. Last week I bought an Aerobie AeroPress coffee maker for about $30. From the first cup it was love. Rich, creamy, smooth, no acid, great flavor. It is easy to use.

I have no connection with this company, as ususal this recommendation comes untainted by affiliate fees.

The AeroPress comes with about a years worth of filter discs, unlike the next best brewing method - a french press, you don;t wind up with a cup of yucky coffee grounds.

It is easy to clean, simply rinse off after use. You can even rinse off and reuse the paper filter discs!

You owe it to yourself to change your coffee lifestyle, part with a small investment of $30 and buy one. You will never drink a cup of coffee made any other way. I promise you that you have never had coffee this delicious.