Friday, January 27, 2006

New Product Update - It Is All Good

Whew - we have been busting hump the past few weeks to get the new RI branded product ready to ship. After several supplier and bottler delays, it looks like we should have finished product in on Monday (fingers crossed).

This will consist of:

Idebenone in the new 40 x 150 mg dose. A smart-drug with anti-aging and energy boosting effects. We suggest supplemental R-Lipoic be used along with Idebenone. Few adverse reactions have been reported even at doses up to 900 mg daily. I prefer the 150 mg dose as several studies demonstrating efficacy use doses of over 300 mg per day. Thorne Research offers an informative monograph.

Centrophenoxine (meclofenoxate or Lucidril as it is also known) 60 x 250 mg
A natural synergistic partner with the 'racetams (piracetam, aniracetam)
250 mg twice daily is generally recognized as a safe and effective dose. Clinical studies have used up to 600-2000mg in two divided doses.

Pyritinol 60 capsules x 200 mg. Perhaps the oldest smart-drug, also shows immune boosting effects. Doses in studies have ranged from 100 mg twice daily to 200 mg four times daily.

Arriving in a few weeks will be It's here Sulbutiamine, which has finally cleared US customs. Personally, I am very excited to use Sulbutiamine.