Tuesday, January 24, 2006

FDA, Chinese Imports of Raw Materials

The FDA appears to be on a real crack-down of raw materials imported from China. Our Oxiracetam now looks like a total no-go. Our other new products are fine.

Other businesses I have talked to are experiencing similar problems. It is not just the unique items, it appears to affect a variety of Chinese imported products and raw materials.

There has been all manner of crap coming from China, along with great pharmaceutical quality product. If the FDA action weeds out the contaminated, poor quality raw materials, that makes a more level playing field for my business.

It is frustrating on a daily basis to see folks selling junk, and potential customers thinking they are getting a better deal by buying that junk. There is no free lunch, quality, and quality assurance costs money. Those costs must be passed along in the selling price or you go out of business.

We will keep on fighting to bring you the best the world markets have to offer. We may be unable to obtain some of the more unique products however.