Friday, January 20, 2006

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Happy Birthday to Us! is barely 1 year old! Woo-hoo!

Time flies when you are having fun. A huge thank you to all our Customers for your support and trust. You voted with your wallet and chose innovation, accountability, and performance.

The good news? Relentless Improvement never rests! We have nifty-cool things coming your way this year. The more you purchase, the more money gets channeled back into new, superior-quality, innovative products. With your support, the sky is the limit.

Onward, Upward


Blogging Integrity? Window Into the Business Soul? Hype Machine?

It's Fhilosophy Friday!

I usually write my posts as I am inspired, otherwise you wind up with boring crap or recycled hype. (You might consider it boring anyhow :-)). That is why you get multiple posts per day or no posts for several days. Writing this blog is also a hefty investment of my time.

Did you consider- it takes a degree of confidence and thoughtfulness to write for the consumption of a worldwide audience. Metrics measuring software gives me information on who visits my blog, where they live, what posts they read, what keyword searches brought them here and what site they came from. It is amazing to me the variety of countries my readers live in.

I feel I owe it to my readers that whatever I write about should be backed by passion. You are busy and your time is valuable. And so is mine. The fellow life-extensionists in the crowd are cognizant that life is all too short.

If you have ever talked to me on the phone, you have likely experienced my passion first hand. Mark and I had a great chat yesterday, and we both learned new things. Running a business demands a lot of time and attention (especially with the level of professionalism I demand), so while I wish we could all share the love realtime, it just won't work.

But the internet has opened a new door for communication.

How many business owners are ready, willing and able to open a window into what ignites their passions? The internet allows this amazing opportunity to get to know what the person behind the business is all about. It doesn't have to be blunt. it is not about me baring my soul to the world. It is about you being able to form a pretty good opinion based on an ongoing form of communication.

How can you not get to know a blogger if you read them for any length of time? So, the good news is you, as a smart shopper and careful consumer have a good BS detector at hand. Pretty nifty eh?

Blogging also separates those who do NOT have the passion. You know what I mean. Those in business for the wrong reason. That is, any reason except providing the Customer with an awesome(!!) level of service. Because if you don't have the passion, you can't fake it (for long). You either perform or you don't.

Thanks for your trust, we are going to keep pushing the bar higher and higher. If you like how we do things, we want you for a customer.

Happy Friday!