Sunday, January 15, 2006

Blog Special - SalmonEssentials With Asta Factor Astaxanthin

You know I rarely offer blog specials, but here it is!

Limited Time Special- buy 4 or more SalmonEssentials, get 25% off!

Mera Pharmaceuticals SalmonEssentials with Asta Factor astaxanthin. 90 softgels per bottle.

We recommend three softgels daily which will give you 3.1 grams total Omega-3, and 4mg astaxanthin. At this rate, 4 bottles is a 120 day supply.

But if you do what I do, and take 3 capsules AM and 3 capsules PM (you will get 8mg astaxanthin), your CRP and homocysteine will love you for it, and 4 bottles will last you 60 days.

Every physician I talked to at A4M agreed - take as much pure fish oil (Omega-3) as you can tolerate (if you get a loose stool from it, you have reached your personal limit).

This product is great for your lipid profile (cholesterol/triglycerides), great for your brain and will give you silky soft skin.

If you are seeking additional astaxanthin, you may add the Rejuvenation Formula (5mg per serving) or Sports Formula (10 mg per serving).