Sunday, January 08, 2006

R-PLUS Back In Stock - Quantities Limited. Lipoic/Carnitine Update.

I was able to obtain an additional stock of GeroNova Research R-PLUS lipoic acid. Will be delivered Monday, should be able to fill backorders and new orders same day. We may yet run out again later this month - one of the raw materials suppliers sent a bad batch of R-DHLA which was rejected by the manufacturer.

A small stop-gap supply of R-DHLA was synthesized to allow a short run.

RALA-Gel 60 ct is also back in stock after being sold out. Top-line Mito-GOLD is available.

GeroNova Research Carnitine Plus™ (both 60 and 120 ct) continues to gain momentum, and is turning out to be quite a hit. Very cost effective, and the orotate transport for the carnitine works very well. Do your cells a favor, and get started with a systemic anti-aging product. Must be used in combination with an R-Lipoic!