Sunday, December 03, 2006

Our Multi-Vitamins Prevent Sickness

Pretty ludicris headline isn't it? And of course it is not true. But a person called me Friday and dragged me across the coals because I have a cold. Yes, I get colds. Yes I use the same supplements sold in our online store.

Furthermore she advised me that because she had never received a flu shot and had never caught the flu, ergo, I should not have had a flu shot either. (It wasn't necessary and immunizations aren't effective)

The reasoning exhibited by my caller was idiotic.

They went on to ask 5 times that I justify my products based on the fact I was sick with a cold.

Lucky for me, these kind of calls are few. The scary part is this person claimed to be a health care professional- chiropractor, and nutritional speaker at various events.

Can thoughtful supplementation along with a healthy lifestyle boost immunity? Sure! Can it prevent sickness? Get real.

Happy Sunday!