Monday, September 18, 2006

Methuselah Foundation Receives $3.5 Million Vote of Confidence

Kevin Parrott, outreach coordinator of the Methuselah Foundation, emailed me today to announce "a major step forward in applying engineering principles to age-related disease with the commitment of 3.5 million dollars from Peter Thiel, Co-Founder of PayPal, towards funding the research behind Aubrey de Grey's SENS proposals".

Methuselah Foundation "offers the multi-million dollar Methuselah Mouse Prize (Mprize), in the spirit of the Ansari X Prize, to be awarded for significant, scientifically reproducible life extension in already aged lab mice, to create a “tipping point” in anti-aging science".

Visit the page.

Through my business Relentless Improvement LLC, I have supported and sponsored MPrize for over a year now. Your purchases through Relentless Improvement help bring science to bear in solving the disease of aging.


PS- Late edit and update: Just found this article in today's San Francisco Chronicle regarding this story. I love the controversy! Stimulates much needed debate.