Friday, April 28, 2006

Wrinkled Cell Nuclei and Aging. The Key?

From this article:
" A new study shows that cells from people over the age of 80 tend to have specific problems with the nucleus that young children's cells do not. The elderly nucleus loses its pert, rounded shape and becomes warped and wrinkled."

This is why I use the natural sustained release R-Lipoic Acid and ALCAR combo, because I believe I achieve DNA and enzyme repair at the cellular level. "Unwrinkling".

From the article: "In cells taken from the elderly, the nuclei tend to be wrinkled up, the DNA accumulates damage, and the levels of some proteins that package up DNA go askew, the team reports in Science"

and most intriguing: " "You can take these old cells and make them young again".

Maybe that explains my high energy level in spite of me being a middle-aged guy?

The question for you is, are you willing to begin investing in your longevity and vitality?