Friday, April 21, 2006

Week-Ending Customer Feedback

I wanted to share some feedback I received today:

"I really can't get over the the truly profound results I derive from the supplements I've discovered through

Ortho-Core is amazing, and along with the astaxanthin and (of course) R-Alpha Lipoic, I am coming out of the gate stronger than ever this season. In the past, recovery time used to be a huge obstacle for me (along with joint inflammation) and would oftentimes interfere with my training schedule (especially when recovering from tournaments), but I've been able to reach new heights in my conditioning and I credit this mostly to you! So, once again, thank you for your hard work and superior product line. Please, keep up the excellent work!

And while I'm gushing--also wanted to thank you for the interesting posts and articles through your blog."

Heck- I have been riddled with guilt for not posting more blog information the past few weeks. I suppose my excuse is that I prefer higher quality posts as opposed to just a bunch of "filler".

Nothing makes me happier than having heathy, satisfied customers.

Happy Weekend!