Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Theralac Probiotic and Lyme Disease

This just in to me from Therabiotics Inc, makers of Theralac probiotic/prebiotic:

High Quality Probiotics – Vital for Lyme Disease

The antibiotics used to treat Lyme disease are a double-edged sword, as they fight the pathogenic Lyme bacteria they also reduce the number of beneficial, probiotic bacteria in the intestinal tract. Consequently, diarrhea, Candida yeast, C. difficile infections, intestinal pain, and poor nutrient absorption often result. Probiotics re-establish the beneficial bacteria and normalize bowel movements as they help restore intestinal health.

There are many probiotic products on the market and quality varies significantly; five vital criteria are required to satisfy the stringent requirements of the Lyme patient:


Multiple probiotic species with strain designations must be present. Multiple species cover the entire intestinal tract. Lactobacillus species work best in the small intestine, Bifidobacterium colonize the colon. Example: Lactobacillus acidophilus is a well known probiotic species but many strains exist and effectiveness is strain dependent. Make sure strain designations follow all species names on the label.


Potency must exceed 10 billion CFU/capsule. The human intestinal tract contains 100 trillion bacteria, it takes many billions of probiotics to effectively colonize the intestinal tract. Make sure each probiotic species is guaranteed separately through expiration date and the total exceeds 10 billion CFU.


Acid-proof formulations are critical to insure delivery of the probiotic bacteria through the stomach’s harsh acidity. Most enteric coatings don’t work, look for patented “acid-proof” formulations.


One or more prebiotics should be present to stimulate the probiotics after they enter the intestinal tract. Prebiotics are special nutrients that selectively stimulate the growth and colonization of probiotics.


Look for published clinical studies that specifically cite the probiotic strains listed on the products label. Check website for references.

THERALAC® is a high potency probiotic that meets the above criteria and has a proven record helping people with Lyme disease. Currently THERALAC® is recommended by leading Lyme disease specialists throughout the USA.

Pete says: When potency and effectiveness matter, your only choice is Theralac. I have used many products from names you would instantly recognise, but nothing matches Theralac.