Monday, March 13, 2006

Poking At Protandim. Again

Thanks to my dear friend for pointing out this article in The Scientist to me today.

From the article:
" The product is a long way from legitimacy when it comes to cellular aging, a process Protandim claims to affect "from the inside out." "

You may remember from my previous posts that I have not been friendly towards protandim (and searched for as probandum, protandum, pro tandem) because it's single claim to fame was a quick appearance on PrimeTime Live. People love to see a product on TV, and have no idea that employing and paying a public relations firm is what makes those appearances happen!

Don't be sheep folks.

Personally I am staking my anti-aging bet on GeroNova Research's potent, sustained release R-Lipoic and ALCAR combo that I take daily.