Friday, March 03, 2006

It Is A Mirage, All Just a Mirage...

The internet and its inhabitants and participants amaze me on a regular basis. Full of the prey: wide-eyed unquestioning believers along with the hunters: the hucksters and their sycophants, shysters, liars, posers and all manner of vermin.

Because the ability for critical thought is so lacking in our society, people will believe just about any line of bullsh*t presented to them by total strangers.

The sheep amaze me too, in their sheer determination to be sheared.

What is the answer?


People you deal with must be accountable for their claims, and their identity must be public.

Because otherwise, you are simply prey.

My identity has always been totally public as a businessman, because I have nothing to hide, and indeed have much to be proud of.

My interests are also blatently obvious: I own Relentless Improvement, a premium quality nutritional supplement company. So, you, now being informed, can generate a more educated opinion about the thoughts I put forth.

If we do not have the truth, we have nothing.

Oh for the record? Relentless Improvement has never paid for any kind or manner of advisor regarding the supplement business. If somebody is claiming to ever have been an "advisor" ask them to produce a 1099-MISC from me.

Honesty and integrity are everything. Nothing else matters. Once it is lost, it is gone forever. No matter the pain of the truth, it must be put forth.

Happy Weekend,