Friday, February 10, 2006

Sulbutiamine In Stock. (Updated) Twin Brain Effect

We promised. We delivered.

Sulbutiamine is here and shipping. The smell has the charecteristic B-Vitamin odor, but is light and tangy!

The effect is quite pleasant, totally unlike the racetams. Along with the energizing and nootropic effects, it has an appetite suppressing quality too. No jitters, but actually calming.

Very nice.


[UPDATE] Sulbutiamine is as well tolerated as placebo in human studies, with no contraindications or drug interactions. Obviously, if you are allergic to B-Vitamins, don't take it.

Sulbutiamine (also known as Arcalion, Enerion) has a 5 hour half-life in the body. Its energy boosting effects last at least 10 hours! Plan ahead if you desire to sleep at your regular bedtime. This is no substance to play around with bulk powders- aside from purity and quality concerns, if you accidentally take too much (>~600 mg daily) it will give you a splitting headache.

Additional research from PubMed reveals a study showing sulbutiamine as effective for erectile dysfunction.

Urologiia. 2005 Jan-Feb;(1):32-5.
[Clinical efficacy of the drug enerion (enerion = sulbutiamine) in the treatment of patients with psychogenic (functional) erectile dysfunction]

"Twenty patients with psychogenic erectile dysfunction received the drug enerion (Hungary). After a 30-day course of enerion erectile function improved in 16 of the above patients. A mean value of the international index of erectile function (IIEF) increased in them from 17.5 to 24.8 points. Improvement of cavernous arterial blood flow after the treatment was seen in 3 of 6 patients with arterial disorders. As shown by electromyographic examinations, cavernous electric activity normalized in 8 patients. Thus, psychogenic erectile dysfunction can be effectively treated with enerion."

(now you get the joke in the title)