Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Piracetam - Are you Taking Enough, For Long Enough? Other Nootropic Thoughts.

People will call and ask how much Piracetam to take, and what to expect. For better or worse, I err on the conservative side and suggest starting small, and having very modest expectations.

But I am going to update my thinking here and now. Take a lot, take it 2 or 3 times per day. Expect interesting and good results.

Remember - piracetam has no toxicity in humans, you simply could not swallow enough to hurt yourself. Caveat- as long as it is pure and contains no heavy metal or microbial contamination, that is why we have our Piracetam and Aniracetam tested.

I found a very interesting interactive dosing chart on this page. You can adjust the desired mg/kg (of body weight) daily dosage, enter your weight in lbs, and see the result populated as total mg/day, mg per 3x daily and mg per 2x daily.

Using myself as an example, to get 75mg/kg daily at my weight of 155lbs, it calculates my total intake as 5284mg, or 1761mg 3x daily or 2642 mg 2 x daily. This works out nicely to the 6 capsules daily (3 in AM/ 3 in PM) that I have been taking.

In fact I am going to experiment with upping my daily dose.

Piracetam's action is very subjective. Is not like a cup of coffee, much more subtle. Furthermore, I am convinced that greatest benefits are gained with ongoing, daily use. I think you may be wasting your money to "take it the night before the test".

I also like to use 'racetams with a foundation supplement- I find AOR's Ortho-Mind to be a superior formulation with potent doses of all ingredients. Window dressed labels with inconsequential doses of ingredients are to be avoided!

Ortho-Mind doesn't play that game, it gives you a superior return on your supplement investment dollar.

Increased mitochondrial activity generates free radicals. You really need a time-release, stabilized r-lipoic when you start using smart-drugs. GeroNova Mito-GOLD. R-PLUS and RALA-Gel fill the bill perfectly. No other r-lipoics in the world compare.