Thursday, February 23, 2006

Housekeeping Issues... My Performance Report To You.

Sorry for the lack of posts this week, I have been buried in work. No excuses... I know, I know!

Many nice feedback emails and comments received in phone calls the past few weeks. Thank you all, it is the fuel that drives us to keep raising the bar. We have an awesome, well educated clientele and that is exactly what I want to continue to build.

From our repeat business stats, it is obvious that you are using us for one stop shopping, and that we have earned your trust.

98% of orders are shipping in full the same day. That is darn good compared to what most businesses would consider acceptable. I would love 100% fill rate with 12 hour turn-around, but that is a tough nut to crack. Doesn't keep us from trying!

Your emails are turned around in less than 6 hours and more often less than 1 hour. Not bad there either. The volume keep increasing so that is an area we will need to look at in the future.

Your phone calls are getting answered on average 90% of the time vs. you getting voicemail. Calls going to voicemail are getting returned within one hour or less.

We have a couple new products in development, and a potential new supplier that has an innovative product backed by human studies. About 2 months away, stay tuned.

Third party independent testing is now posted for all of our new Relentless Improvement branded products with the exception of Sulbutiamine which is in progress. Our raw material for that came direct from a pharmaceutical manufacturer so we expect the test results to match the quality of all our others.

It is tough to be a careful consumer today, we are doing everything we can to set ourselves miles apart from other suppliers. So far so good and with your continued support, much more to come!