Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Different Kinds of Customers, Different Kinds Of Companies

We have a passionate customer base. I love it! Life is too short to be boring and not be the best that you can be.

But our customers are great in a different way too. They support our mission of building a better supplement business. They support a simple, secure purchase experience, superior quality, great customer service, and fair pricing.

They support, and indeed, are the mothers milk of our future growth. Because without repeat customers and the profits they generate, there is no growth, there is no improvement (Relentless or otherwise!), there are no new products, there is no testing. And the business eventually goes Pfffftt!

But we have one out of a thousand that is determined to force us to be what we will never be- the cheapest kids on the block. Or as I call it, leading the race to the bottom.

Not us. Never will be. Our race is to the top.

Adding value- that is our game. Providing a consistantly superb experience.

There are plenty of other shops willing to provide a different kind of purchase experience. A different standard of quality and service. Because no shoe fits all feet. Certain kinds of customers are happy to propel these businesses on their race to the bottom. And we say to them- glad you found a supplier that makes you happy.

This year we are looking at some ways to support those presently supporting us on our journey. I have a passel of ideas right now, but one thing is for sure, that it will involve a look-back analysis to identify those customers that made the greatest contribution of their support to our growth.

Stick with us (and we know who you are!). This year is going to be interesting.