Thursday, January 05, 2006

Theralac® Probiotic from Therabiotics Inc.

It has taken months of product research and personal testing, the result is the addition of Theralac® prebiotic/probiotic to the site.

There are so many probiotics out there, but most are essentially useless because all the probiotics are killed in the stomach acid. Therabiotics Inc overcame this hurdle with a patent pending approach. You can read how on our product page.

Therabiotics literature advises:

"The surface lining of the intestines (intestinal mucosa) constitutes the largest immune structure in the human body - more than 50% of immune-cells reside in the intestinal mucosa."

"Beneficial micro-flora serve to improve intestinal tract function by: (1) Protecting the body against pathogenic bacteria (read my previous blog post!). (2) Facilitating production of anti-inflammatories in the gut wall, and (3) Creating hormones and vitamins - Maintaining overall and intestinal tract well-being."

"Beneficial micro-flora, in the course of their symbiotic relationship, produce natural (beneficial) antibiotic substances - acidophillin, bifidin and hydrogen peroxide. They also enhance mucosal cells production of interlukins that directly increase cell-mediated immunity"

Available to order now.