Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Ortho-Core is In Da House!

Woo-Hoo. All backorders are shipping today no matter how late we have to stay.

Thanks for your support and patience.

Food Poisoning? Gastroenteritis? Abdominal Pain?

It happens to all of us. You get a bad meal or the stomach flu, you get a fever, chills, perhaps a headache and are going at both ends. I had it Sunday night and felt like I was going to die. You have probably been there once or twice yourself?

So there are only a few basic ways to fight this, first and foremost you need to fight dehydration from the fluid loss. Drink whatever you can hold down.

Second is to fight the invading bugs, and re-colonize your bowels with the proper bugs that are supposed to live there.

That is what I did, taking a Theralac probiotic Sunday night and again Monday morning. A bug that normally would have kept me down the following day instead lost the battle to the Theralac.

While I was not feeling 100% I was at work Monday morning at 7 AM and put in a full day. Today I feel great. Bowels are back in good shape.

While this may be an uncomfortable subject to discuss in public, there should be no doubt in your mind of the plethora of benefits that a potent prebiotic/probiotic combination offers. Theralac is easily the best probiotic I have ever used.

The flora that live in your gut can have a monumental impact on the quality of your life. When the wrong bugs are living inside you, you are subjected to toxins they produce.

Chronic fatigue? You owe it to yourself to invest in a bottle of Theralac and see if re-colonization improves your life.


Monday, January 30, 2006

Imagine Reciting Pi to 22,514 Decimal Places. By Memory.

Oh yeah, reciting it forwards ... and backwards!

I found this article in the UK Guardian to be provocative. Imagine if you could unlock these amazing abilities in your mind?


Ortho-Core Shipping Tuesday. (really, I swear)

Ortho-Core was expected to arrive today but was not shipped Friday by AOR's expiditer in Montana.

You're pissed, I am pissed. Nothing either of us can do. I have received assurance that the order was shipped today, next day air for arrival here tomorrow.

Thank for your patience. When the order arrives we will stay here as long as it takes to get all backorders out that day.

There are 3 bottles unspoken for in this shipment. Order now if you want shipment tomorrow. Otherwise, Friday.


Sunday, January 29, 2006

Do You Drink Coffee?

Do You Drink Coffee? I do. The caffeine keeps me rolling through a 12 hour day.

But I had no idea how GOOD a cup of coffee could be. Last week I bought an Aerobie AeroPress coffee maker for about $30. From the first cup it was love. Rich, creamy, smooth, no acid, great flavor. It is easy to use.

I have no connection with this company, as ususal this recommendation comes untainted by affiliate fees.

The AeroPress comes with about a years worth of filter discs, unlike the next best brewing method - a french press, you don;t wind up with a cup of yucky coffee grounds.

It is easy to clean, simply rinse off after use. You can even rinse off and reuse the paper filter discs!

You owe it to yourself to change your coffee lifestyle, part with a small investment of $30 and buy one. You will never drink a cup of coffee made any other way. I promise you that you have never had coffee this delicious.


Saturday, January 28, 2006

Rejuv Alpha-Lipoic Cream - Special Buy on 4 with Damaged Labels.

1/31 UPDATE- ALL ARE SOLD. If you snoozed you loosed :-)

My last Rejuv cream order had a broken bottle in it. The cream got onto the labels of 4 other bottles and discolored them. Because of the appearance I don't want to sell them as new.

I am offering a one-time chance to buy any of these 4 for a deep discount - regular $43.95, get them for 20% off (only $34.95 each). Grab 'em and growl, they wont last long.

These bottles are full, not broken and never been used/opened. Only cosmetic damage.

Be SURE to send and email and advise you want the special priced bottles as I need to adjust your order total on the back-end.


Thursday, January 26, 2006

R-PLUS Availability

Seems we ran GeroNova out of R-PLUS again. They are doing a fresh run, but until that is finished, we will not have R-PLUS available. Figure on about 2 weeks :-(

RALA-Gel and Mito-GOLD are in stock and available for immediate shipping.

Ortho-Core Update - Shipping Jan 30th

Our Ortho-Core shipment is delayed in customs, expect order fulfillment Monday January 30th, instead of Friday.

Lots of folks waiting on orders, we will all be happy to ship them to you!

Monday, January 23, 2006

Omega-3, Fish Oil, More Data

No surprise in this article from BBC News:

"Eating oily fish and seeds in pregnancy can boost children's future brain power and social skills, research suggests."

Not just for pregnant women and babies, Omega-3's are great for all of us and should be a foundation of your supplement program. I like SalmonEssentials (on sale!) from Mera Pharmaceuticals because it includes the potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory Astaxanthin (one less pill to take).

All Omega-3 supplements that we sell are free of heavy metals and contaminants.


Friday, January 20, 2006

Website Access

We are switching to new servers right now and you may get a 404 (page not found) when trying to access RelentlessImprovement.com

To place an order simply click this link to go directly to the shopping cart.

Sorry for the inconvenience, the upgrade is all for the good!


Happy Birthday to Us!

RelentlessImprovement.com is barely 1 year old! Woo-hoo!

Time flies when you are having fun. A huge thank you to all our Customers for your support and trust. You voted with your wallet and chose innovation, accountability, and performance.

The good news? Relentless Improvement never rests! We have nifty-cool things coming your way this year. The more you purchase, the more money gets channeled back into new, superior-quality, innovative products. With your support, the sky is the limit.

Onward, Upward


Blogging Integrity? Window Into the Business Soul? Hype Machine?

It's Fhilosophy Friday!

I usually write my posts as I am inspired, otherwise you wind up with boring crap or recycled hype. (You might consider it boring anyhow :-)). That is why you get multiple posts per day or no posts for several days. Writing this blog is also a hefty investment of my time.

Did you consider- it takes a degree of confidence and thoughtfulness to write for the consumption of a worldwide audience. Metrics measuring software gives me information on who visits my blog, where they live, what posts they read, what keyword searches brought them here and what site they came from. It is amazing to me the variety of countries my readers live in.

I feel I owe it to my readers that whatever I write about should be backed by passion. You are busy and your time is valuable. And so is mine. The fellow life-extensionists in the crowd are cognizant that life is all too short.

If you have ever talked to me on the phone, you have likely experienced my passion first hand. Mark and I had a great chat yesterday, and we both learned new things. Running a business demands a lot of time and attention (especially with the level of professionalism I demand), so while I wish we could all share the love realtime, it just won't work.

But the internet has opened a new door for communication.

How many business owners are ready, willing and able to open a window into what ignites their passions? The internet allows this amazing opportunity to get to know what the person behind the business is all about. It doesn't have to be blunt. it is not about me baring my soul to the world. It is about you being able to form a pretty good opinion based on an ongoing form of communication.

How can you not get to know a blogger if you read them for any length of time? So, the good news is you, as a smart shopper and careful consumer have a good BS detector at hand. Pretty nifty eh?

Blogging also separates those who do NOT have the passion. You know what I mean. Those in business for the wrong reason. That is, any reason except providing the Customer with an awesome(!!) level of service. Because if you don't have the passion, you can't fake it (for long). You either perform or you don't.

Thanks for your trust, we are going to keep pushing the bar higher and higher. If you like how we do things, we want you for a customer.

Happy Friday!

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Ortho-Core. Preorder Now - Shipping Next Week.

Whew, we are thrilled to have Ortho-Core finally available again. AOR did a short run, I suggest you order now to reserve your portion of the incoming order. Expected date for us to ship your order is Friday Jan 27th.

Ortho-Core is a superior multi vitamin/mineral/phytonutrient combination that has reached near cult status. Considering the formulation and ingredients, it is a tremendous value for your money.

Grab it and growl!

Monday, January 16, 2006

New Addition: Panexa. Finally in 30 mg !

I thought this would be appropriate for some of the people that call me. Panexa is a product that can compete with the best of the internet offerings. Comment with your information to this post if you want to place an order.


Sunday, January 15, 2006

Blog Special - SalmonEssentials With Asta Factor Astaxanthin

You know I rarely offer blog specials, but here it is!

Limited Time Special- buy 4 or more SalmonEssentials, get 25% off!

Mera Pharmaceuticals SalmonEssentials with Asta Factor astaxanthin. 90 softgels per bottle.

We recommend three softgels daily which will give you 3.1 grams total Omega-3, and 4mg astaxanthin. At this rate, 4 bottles is a 120 day supply.

But if you do what I do, and take 3 capsules AM and 3 capsules PM (you will get 8mg astaxanthin), your CRP and homocysteine will love you for it, and 4 bottles will last you 60 days.

Every physician I talked to at A4M agreed - take as much pure fish oil (Omega-3) as you can tolerate (if you get a loose stool from it, you have reached your personal limit).

This product is great for your lipid profile (cholesterol/triglycerides), great for your brain and will give you silky soft skin.

If you are seeking additional astaxanthin, you may add the Rejuvenation Formula (5mg per serving) or Sports Formula (10 mg per serving).


Friday, January 13, 2006

Bruce Ames Newsweek Article. Lipoic Acid and Acetyl-L-Carnitine

What a treat - one of my heroes, Professor Bruce Ames, U.C. Berkeley lipoic acid and spin trap expert offered some comments in this article.

To quote:

"We have just completed a human trial now. The data hasn't been released publicly yet, but I can tell you: it was successful"

He is referencing a trial using lipoic acid and acetyl-l-carnitine.

RelentlessImprovement.com offers a product far superior to alpha-lipoic acid: a time-release, stabilized r-lipoic acid which you can combine with your choice of carnitines: acetyl-l-carnitine, acetyl-l-carnitine arginate or ALCAR and carnitine orotate to facilitate transfer into the cell.

The development of the new products is moving fast and furious, readers of my blog are probably the most up to date of any people in the world. I love helping you navigate the cutting edge.

Parting quote from Bruce Ames in the article:
"In our studies, we gave both of them to rats and their brains functioned better and their immune systems improved-lots of good stuff."

I use the Carnitine-PLUS at 4 per day, and Mito-GOLD and R-PLUS twice daily each. I have never felt better or had more stamina in my life.

Happy Friday!

Probiotic Update - New Article. Theralac Sales.

Some great articles in this weeks Newsweek magazine on supplements and health.

Here is a great article on the benefits of probiotics. Our new Theralac probiotic is selling very well, and I am somewhat surprised at the positive response. More of you than I realized know the benefits of a potent probiotic.

From the article:
"Probiotic supplements are becoming more common in health-food stores, too. Some may not contain enough of the bacteria to lodge permanently in the body, so choose one that provides at least a billion colony-forming units per serving. "

Theralac provides a super potent 20 billion CFU/capsule!

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Sleep, or Lose Your New Learning

I was fascinated by this research out of U of CA and Stanford U.

"Learning spatial tasks increases the production of new cells in an area of the brain involved with spatial memory called the hippocampus. Sleep plays a part in helping those new brain cells survive."

"Sleep-restricted individuals have a shorter attention span, impaired memory, and a longer reaction time. “Sleep is necessary for general health, but it now appears that the brain needs sleep more than any other part of the body"

I'm a sleeper, I have to have a good 8 hours or I know I am not at the top of my game. Perhaps you have noticed the same thing?

RelentlessImprovement.com specializes in cognitive enhancement substances, but I always tell people - put the basics in place first. Good diet, exercise and a good nights sleep.


Tuesday, January 10, 2006

New Product Update

Some of you love to poke through the RelentlessImprovement.com web site. You are finding some of the cool tidbits coming in the next few weeks.

I know, because you have been pre-ordering some of our new Relentless Improvement brand products. I flipped all of them to Sold-Out status preventing pre-orders so as not to have a ton of backorders to fill.

And I have been getting emails on new item status. Informed Customers are the best Customers: raw materials for 3 of the new items are at the bottlers. Another is going through customs, another is being synthesized as we speak.

The bad news is that things are 1-2 weeks behind. The good news is so far so good. The first of the new items will be arriving in stock in approx 2 weeks. We are doing some pretty large runs, so running out should not be a problem.

I also have spent literally months locating a new analytical testing lab capable of doing everything we need with a short turn-around time. I found one, and am thrilled with their capabilities and reputation. We will utilize ICP, HPLC, and GC/MS, the testing cost is significant. Results will be posted within a week on either side of the product release.

With your support, I will continue to bring you the highest quality products that are available anywhere in the world. This year we will set the standard for publically available 3rd party CoA's on our Relentless Improvement brand products.

Thanks for your trust and your business. Without which none of this would be possible.


Monday, January 09, 2006

AstaFactor Astaxanthin. Exercise Aches and Pains.

Northern California has two seasons. April-Oct is the dry season. It never rains. Not once in that period of time.

Nov-Mar is the rainy season. Especially January and February when it can rain for days, or even weeks at a time.

You may have read or seen on the news that California had some record flooding the past several months.

Well, between the rain and a huge workload, I have been a human veal (trapped in the pen of my office, and unable to move around much). So my exercise regimen has left much to be desired.

This weekend however the sun graced us with its presence, and I took advantage to get some natural Vitamin D production and outdoor exercise. Yesterday I tackled one of my favorite trails, 4 miles with a sometimes steep vertical gain of about 2500 feet over 1.5 miles.

Not a mountain by any means, but darn good aerobic exercise. I should be feeling some muscle pain today because I really pushed it. But - aside from a bit of pleasant heaviness in my legs - nothing!

No aches, no agony, no pain.

I totally attribute it to Astaxanthin. The "Sports Formula" is actually marketed for this purpose, but both the SalmonEssentials and Rejuvenation will have similar effect.

No matter your age or workout regimen, I urge you to try Astafactor Astaxanthin before and after your workout. Let me know how you feel.

AstaFactor is stable at room temperature unlike cheap synthetic astaxanthin products which lose all potency if not continually kept at 0 degrees. Mera Pharmaceuticals produces astaxanthin naturally from Hawaiian grown algae, and extracts it using a patented method in order to preserve its potency.

I use both the Salmon Essentials (3 softgels AM/ 3 PM) and Sports Formula (1 softgel AM / 1 PM) every day. I like the convenience of getting my Omega-3 and astaxanthin in one product - the Salmon Essentials.

Astaxanthin, after about 1 month of use can also help protect your skin from sunburn!

What are you waiting for? Order some from RelentlessImprovement.com today.


Sunday, January 08, 2006

R-PLUS Back In Stock - Quantities Limited. Lipoic/Carnitine Update.

I was able to obtain an additional stock of GeroNova Research R-PLUS lipoic acid. Will be delivered Monday, should be able to fill backorders and new orders same day. We may yet run out again later this month - one of the raw materials suppliers sent a bad batch of R-DHLA which was rejected by the manufacturer.

A small stop-gap supply of R-DHLA was synthesized to allow a short run.

RALA-Gel 60 ct is also back in stock after being sold out. Top-line Mito-GOLD is available.

GeroNova Research Carnitine Plus™ (both 60 and 120 ct) continues to gain momentum, and is turning out to be quite a hit. Very cost effective, and the orotate transport for the carnitine works very well. Do your cells a favor, and get started with a systemic anti-aging product. Must be used in combination with an R-Lipoic!


Thursday, January 05, 2006

Theralac® Probiotic from Therabiotics Inc.

It has taken months of product research and personal testing, the result is the addition of Theralac® prebiotic/probiotic to the RelentlessImprovement.com site.

There are so many probiotics out there, but most are essentially useless because all the probiotics are killed in the stomach acid. Therabiotics Inc overcame this hurdle with a patent pending approach. You can read how on our product page.

Therabiotics literature advises:

"The surface lining of the intestines (intestinal mucosa) constitutes the largest immune structure in the human body - more than 50% of immune-cells reside in the intestinal mucosa."

"Beneficial micro-flora serve to improve intestinal tract function by: (1) Protecting the body against pathogenic bacteria (read my previous blog post!). (2) Facilitating production of anti-inflammatories in the gut wall, and (3) Creating hormones and vitamins - Maintaining overall and intestinal tract well-being."

"Beneficial micro-flora, in the course of their symbiotic relationship, produce natural (beneficial) antibiotic substances - acidophillin, bifidin and hydrogen peroxide. They also enhance mucosal cells production of interlukins that directly increase cell-mediated immunity"

Available to order now.


Galantamine - Facts and Hysteria

I want to clarify a few things.

First off, when I recently wrote about galantamine in (paranthesis) after the drug Tacrine it was to associate them as being nearly identical in action - they are both cholinesterase inhibitors. Some people understood this as if I were trying to say they were the same substance. They are not, however their action is nearly identical.

Writing to a wide audience and trying to keep my comments brief can lead to misunderstandings.

Secondly, somebody posted to an internet forum 9 months ago using language that was more headline grabbing than informative. Based on the number of people that have asked me about this, I wanted to set out the facts.

The FDA in March of 05 (over 9 months ago) looked into reports about Reminyl, the prescription form of galantamine. They asked that the label be revised. There were no warnings, no recalls, and no hysteria.

Read the actual FDA releases here and here.

Here are the facts:

"In a number of earlier clinical trials, none of which lasted longer than 6 months, in similarly-aged patients (including patients with Alzheimer’s Disease), the incidence of deaths in those treated with Reminyl was no higher than in patients treated with placebo, and the incidence of deaths in those treated with placebo was far higher than in the trials of mild cognitive impairment, described above."

As I have posted before, the internet is great to communicate information, but it also is the source of all kinds of crazy misinformation.


Tuesday, January 03, 2006

EGCG and CLL (Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia) More Info

I was reminded today by a Customer of the recent press release from the Mayo Clinic regarding their ongoing trials of CLL patients using an EGCG extract (NOT green tea!).

A quote from the press release:

"A new case study by Mayo Clinic researchers provides preliminary evidence to suggest a component of green tea may lead to clinical improvement in patients with chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL). Findings are published online in Leukemia Research."

"In the small case study, the researchers report on four patients who appeared to have an improvement in the clinical state of their disease after starting over-the-counter products containing epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), an extract of green tea. Three of the four patients met the standard criteria used to define a response treatment for clinical trials. These same investigators had previously shown that EGCG kills leukemia cells from patients with CLL in the test tube by interrupting the communication signals they need to survive. That study was published in Blood in 2004. "

My customer told me he heard the amount of EGCG used was 3000mg daily which would equate to 5-6 capsules per day of EGCG Max (providing 560mg total catechins per capsule).

Or about 10 capsules per day if you consider only the EGCG component of the mixed catechins. I do not know if the studies broke out EGCG from total catechins.

ECGG Max is 90 vegi-caps per bottle.

Once again, this is not a situation where you want to use an off the shelf, grocery store green tea product. Please understand the difference between a pharmaceutical grade, standardised extract and the average crap that gets sold across the counter.


Ashwagandha (Ghanda)

I just put the Ashwagandha on super special sale. Normally $19.95 for 120 vegi-caps of 750 mg, on sale for $10.95 or two or more for $9.95 ea. This product was totally over ordered, so I fired the buyer, and my loss is your gain. Expiry - 7/07 so it has a nice long shelf life.

Information below copyright and courtesy of Advanced Orthomolecular Research:

"In a double-blind trial in humans, 101 healthy men aged 50 to 59 were evaluated for various aging parameters over the course of a year. Increased red blood cell levels, greater libido, and lower erythrocyte sedimentation rate (a measure of chronic inflammation) were observed in the men who got Ashwagandha instead of the dummy pills."


"In another study, a mixture of sitoindosides from Ashwagandha activated the peritoneal macrophages (a kind of immune cell) in laboratory animals, increasing their mobilization and their ability to consume foreign bacteria while boosting levels of enzymes that help the body break down damaged and toxic molecules left over from the body’s metabolic process. In yet a third study, administration of Ashwagandha extract to either healthy or tumor-bearing animals was found to enhance the proliferation of immune cells and their precursors in the thymus and bone marrow, actually doubling the body’s response to either of two immunological challenges. Ashwagandha also boosted the activity of natural killer (NK) cells, and the immune cells’ ability to destroy infected and foreign cells was enhanced."


"Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera), the so-called “Indian ginseng,” is actually not a ginseng species at all; and while it does provide powerful support against overwhelming stress, its effects are in many ways distinct from most other adaptogenic herbs."

Once we sell down the inventory, we will set it back to regular price.


Sunday, January 01, 2006

Methusalah Mouse Prize, Aubrey de Grey, 60 Minutes

If you missed 60 Minutes on CBS tonight (Sunday) you missed a whopping good show.

The last segment was on Aubrey de Grey and the MPrize (Methusalah Mouse Prize). Seems our cause has hit the mainstream in a huge way. The program 60 Minutes is well respected and watched by tens of millions of people. I couldn't have been more thrilled.

I have supported the M Prize both personally and through my business www.RelentlessImprovement.com, as a member, donor and sponsor. We have always linked to the MPrize page from our retail site. And you have always seen the little "bug" to your right which updates the MPrize amount (and you can click on to make a contribution to the prize!)

The icing on the cake for me was one of the other segments on the 60Minutes program was on Burt Rutan - first man to launch a manned vehicle into space twice in two weeeks and winner of the Ansari X Prize for his accomplishment.

How wonderful to have two forward thinking visionaries in the program?

What a great time to be alive. And remember - all we have to do is "long enough to live forever"!



I am not big on giving any particular day significance over another. I see life as a journey, one moment at a time. The ultimate hike. Each day is important. Remember, the goal is not to reach the end! :-) It is to enjoy the trip.

January 1 does provide a touchstone for many people. An opportunity to reflect based on timing, for us Earthlings, that is determined by our planet's distance from the sun in our galaxy. Fundamentally, that is what generates the point of reference we call a "year". When was the last time you thought of it that way?

I would challenge you to consider this as the first day of the rest of your life. You can choose to make it a better day for yourself. You can choose to make changes to better your life. The changes don't have to be monumental. Incremental works very well.

I dare you to step out of a box you might find yourself in. Remove something from your life that is bothering you. Confront a fear - Head on! Challenge it! Force it to explode, and strengthen yourself in the process by exposing that fear as a fraud.

Explore CBT / RET as an effective, potent, long-lasting tool to deal with your fears. Do a Google on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, also know as Rational Emotive Therapy. It works, it is freeing, and it will make you a better person.

Action Cures Fear. Say it aloud: Action Cures Fear. Action also cures Frustration. In fact, Action cures most all ills! Try it.

How do you feel? Are you Happy? Frustrated? Bored? Sad? Many times negative feelings are generated when you choose not to realize your dreams. When you choose not to be the best you can be. When you choose to accept mediocrity. Let's be blunt - it is your life. It is up to you to make positive changes. Nobody is going to do it for you, and nobody wants to hear you whine.

Other people do not hold you back. You hold you back. Let's be perfectly clear about that. Unless you are serving a life sentence in prison without parole, you are in full control of your life.

Make a change. Use Jan 1, New Years Day as an excuse if want to. I prefer you not need any certain day to motivate yourself.

Today is the first day of the rest of your life. Are you the best you can be?