Friday, December 30, 2005

Users Guide to Brain Boosting Supplements

Just finished a great book/pamphlet titled Brain-Boosting Supplements written by Shari Lieberman and James Gormley. I found it to be quick, concise and to the point.

They recommend the basics: remain mentally and physically active, reduce your sugar intake(!) and take advantage of supplements, especially antioxidants.

B Complex
Vitamin C
Vitamin E
(or just take Ortho-Core or Essential Mix and get all the above plus more)

Alpha-Lipoic Acid (now we know that time-release R-Lipoic is far superior)
Ginkgo(it is important to get the correct extract!)
Or simply use Ortho-Mind which is perfectly formulated to offer you all of these in one money saving product.

Of course healthy Omega-3's are also critical.

I suggest you grab a copy of this book to use as an excellent primer on Cognitive Enhancment.