Friday, December 23, 2005

A Left-Handed Chiral Bias Across The Universe?

This article is so freaky! I love it.

Did you know that amino acids occur throughout the universe? Furthermore, just like on Earth, they are chiral. Even more surprising (to me at least), they favor left-handedness in their chirality. Just like us humans do!

It is indeed a chiral world, and to ignore that impact on your supplements is to shortchange yourself of potential benefits.

From the article:

"He says the research adds to previous measurements of an excess of left-handed amino acids in two meteorites. "If it is thanks to meteorites that our amino acids are left handed, then the same bias should exist at least across our solar system", he told New Scientist."

"If we identify left-handed amino acids on [a] cometary surface, this would underline the hypothesis that the building blocks of proteins were created in interstellar space and were delivered via comets or micrometeorites to early Earth," he says."

From this Ames Research Center article:

"It turns out that although we think of amino acids as being bio-molecules, they are also found in meteorites."

Is that thought provoking or what?