Monday, December 19, 2005

Customer Feedback and ... A Plan For The Future

"First off, let me say how truly excited I am to have happened upon your website. Not only do you offer high-quality products, but I really appreciate the thorough descriptions (including dosages, ingredients, etc.) of each product. And I have to tell you, the blog is a super idea: knowing that the owner is a true user of the products -- and being very knowledgeable certainly lends much credibility to the site.

It's just nice to actually deal with people who have a true passion for this lifestyle and who don't pride themselves in screwing people over by offering crap products that are masked as the greatest thing on Earth."

Thanks Shane! (though way late in posting this)

We will never try to be everything to everybody. Plenty of businesses doing that already. We also plan to sit out the "race to the bottom", a going out of business strategy that certain customers are happy to accelerate.

You have given us wonderful feedback this year and we have listened to you. 2006 holds good suprises as we continue to grow the business. Do you care about quality, innovation, value? If so, stick around :-) The next 6 weeks will be very interesting!