Saturday, December 17, 2005

Customer Feedback.

"Hello Pete,

I just wanted to thank you for your help in discussing the different
forms of R-ALA, as well as clearing up my own error in confusing the
tocopherols with the tocotrienols. Once you politely pointed it out, my
error became more obvious on further reading--but I would have continued
to be unaware of it for months yet had you not mentioned it!

As you'll have seen, I went ahead and placed an order for, (in addition
to more Piracetam and my first Aniracetam), the Mito-Gold product--I
figure that that product makes the most sense of the three for a
pre-workout R-ALA top-off supplement, (along with one of the LEF's
mitochondrial energy optimizer's), since conveniently I wouldn't be
taking any tocopherols at the same time which would interfere with the absorption of the delta tocotrienols.

In other words, since the timing would naturally be just perfect anyway,
I opted to go with the product that included the delta-tocotrienols.

Thanks again for taking the time to discuss the different choices!

Mark S."

That's what we are here for! Thanks for your trust and your business.