Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Ortho Core is Sold Out For a While

As I posted previously, we have sold out of Advanced Orthomolecular Research's Ortho-Core and do not have a firm date of when it will be back in stock.

I will let you know here in the blog when a new shipment is coming.

Ortho-Core is an advanced combination of vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients and transformational conjugates formulated to support long, healthy lives. There is nothing on the market that comes close to its superior combination of ingredients. The retail price is embarassingly low.


Buck Institute Chooses GeroNova Research Lipoic Acids for Anti-Aging Research

The renowned Buck Institute for Age Research has sourced each version of lipoic (R, R-DiHydro, S, Alpha) from GeroNova Research to use in studies they are about to conduct in animals. This is further testament to the pharmaceutical grade products that GeroNova Research manufactures.

The Buck Institute is associated with the National Institute of Medicine and governed by a non-compensated board of trustees.

How good does it make you feel to know you too are taking GeroNova Research products?


American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine - Report from the show.

I will update this post later with details. A last minute opportunity arose to attend A4M courtesy of GeroNova Research this past Sat/Sun/Mon. It was a real blast and quite an educational opportunity. A huge thank-you to the GeroNova folks for the invite.

I will share lots of good stuff, so be sure to check back. Oh yeah - stabilized, time-release r-lipoic was a huge hit with the physicians, we sold out of nearly all the product we brought with us and wrote a lot of orders every day.


The show was well attended and quite busy, we were kept hopping pretty much the whole time. Lots of gadgets being offered for sale, as well as supplements, cosmeceuticals (many fortified with spin traps such as PBN and NtBHA), foods, drinks, massage chairs and other fun stuff.

While I didn't have time to attend the presentations, I was able to chat with a number of physicians, most of whom specialized in anti-aging medicine. It was interesting to bounce ideas off them regarding supplementation programs, and I was pleased to see my present list of supplements usually matched what they themselves were using.

It was generally agreed that you cannot take too much high-quality fish oil. Seemed to be reinforced as the foundation for any intelligently crafted supplementation program.

Dr. Ron Rothenberg is a pioneer and highly respected anti-aging specialist and spent nearly an hour chatting with us at the booth. I was able to pepper him with questions, and he cheerfully offered his thoughts.

HgH therapy was a huge topic, and let me say there is also a great deal of controversy on it's use. Personally, I wouldn't touch the injectable stuff until more is known.


Customer Feedback

This is the fuel thats keeps us pushing to do even better. Thanks.

"I just wanted to let you know that USPS delivered my order today.

Thanks again for your great customer service. I've been a longtime customer of Nutrition Express, 1fast400, VitaCost, etc... and the quality products and service you offer tops them all!"