Thursday, December 01, 2005

R-Lipoic Acid Customer Comments, Rejuv Sale.

"My husband told me this AM that he can really notice an increase in his energy in the last week or so. The only thing he is doing differently is taking the Mito- Gold & RALA gel. YAHOO !!

PS- It is such a pleasure doing business with you!


Another happy, time-release, r-lipoic Customer. Are you using a lipoic that is not GeroNova time-release? Or, worse, Alpha-lipoic acid? (shudder). Come on Luddite, get with the program. All it takes is one try and you will never go back to the dark ages.

RALA-Gel 60 count
RALA-Gel 120 count

RALA-Gel (100mg) for tight budgets and/or boosting total r-lipoic acid intake.

R-PLUS (150mg) for a higher ratio of r-dihydrolipoic acid, and a higher overall dose.

Mito-GOLD is exactly the same as R-PLUS but adds DeltaGOLD D-Tocotrienol for triglyceride lowering and beneficial cholesterol effects, boosts endogenous CoQ10 production (help your cells produce their own CoQ10)

Holiday Special! REJUV Alpha-lipoic Acid skin cream is ON SALE for Dec only. Regular $46.95, special $41.95. Relentless Improvement has offered a variety of creams, but Rejuv is hands down the best so we discontinued all the others.

The sale pricing creates a great opportunity to give Rejuv as a gift. The (very)light chamomille fragrance is nice on men and women. Soothing after shaving. Works really well to smooth the skin and lessen fine lines. Your weapon against Old Man Winter.