Monday, November 28, 2005

EGCG and Alzheimers. Reduction of Beta-Amyloid Plaques

"This finding suggests that green tea extract selectively concentrating EGCG would be needed to override the counteractive effect of other flavinoids found in green tea," said study co-author Doug Shytle, PhD. "A new generation of dietary supplements containing pure EGCG may lead to the greatest benefit for treating Alzheimer's disease." (emphasis mine)

I wanted to reiterate this information from the University of South Florida study on pure EGCG extract and Alzheimers because of its impact on so many people. If you are involved with someone suffering from Alzheimers, you owe it to them and you to be well informed about this breakthrough.

Another quote from the researchers:

"Green tea contains many antioxidants, including those known as flavonoids that can protect against free radical damage to the brain. However, Dr. Tan and colleagues demonstrated that other flavinoids in green tea actually oppose naturally-occurring EGCG's ability to prevent the harmful build-up of beta-amyloid. Thus, Dr. Tan said, drinking green tea alone would not likely have a beneficial effect through the same mechanism that EGCG works." (emphasis mine)

Once again, the healthful benefits of a pure and specific substance are documented. Pure EGcG extract from Advanced Orthomolecular Research is a potent multi-catechin extract for greatest beneficial effects.

Why would you want to compromise on quality with any other product?