Tuesday, November 15, 2005

A Healthy Diet- Some Ideas for Breakfast

I posted a few months ago about one place I buy food from- Bob's Red Mill.

Healthy diet is certainly critical to having a healthy body. Some things I eat regularly are:

Breakfast- Buckwheat groats (cooked), chopped walnuts, ground flax seed, cinnamon, sugar free acai, blueberries and a bit of Organic Pastures raw milk. All mixed together (!) Yummy and healthy.


Celery stalks smeared in the hollow with a nut butter. (NOT peanut butter! Peanuts are legumes, NOT nuts, and tend to be loaded with fertilizers, pesticides and be genetically modified.)


Chicken Eggs, Omega-3 fortified from seaweed/flax seed fed free-range chickens. Either hard boiled or scrambled in butter. Raw butter from Organic Patures Dairies in California.

I drink coffee, about 3 cups a day and choose an organic, fair trade blend from Trader Joe's. Some claim coffee is bad for you but I have yet to see a conclusive study. There is some evidence it may actually be good for you.

Posts on lunch and dinner ideas later in the week.

To your health!

Lab Tests- Check 'em Out. Regimen Change

Somebody suggested I actually post my lab test results. After some though, why not? If you want to see em just click here.

Wonder how many other supplement suppliers use their own products and would be willing to put facts where their hype is :-)

PS- Since the blood work I have made a change to my supplement regimen- removed the LEF EPA/DHA (which is a fine product) and replaced it with our new Salmon Essentials and Asta Factor Sports Formula with Astaxanthin.

This allows me to use wonderfully healthy salmon oil fortified with astaxanthin, and in order to gain more astaxanthin, the addition of the Sports Formula.