Saturday, November 12, 2005


Longer post next week on diet, so sorry, covered over with good things here.

Go to the Embarcadero Farmers Market at the Ferry Building on Saturday and see Jim's booth in the back section for the best sprouts on earth. He offers a large variety, all grown without soil (!) and he fills your bag fresh from the growing tray.

Sprouts are oh so healthy for you and have a large variety of flavors, but all are crunchy and tasty. Tell Jim I said I sent you, he is one heck of a nice guy and loves his business.

Ask him for a shot of fresh Barley Grass or Wheat Grass juice for an instant boost.

The bad news- there is no easy way to ship this product. It could be cold-packed but that makes S&H cost as much as the product.

Don't live in the San Francisco area? Find a local farmers market and see if you can find them there.