Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Homocysteine, C-Reactive Protein, Triglycerides and Supplementation. My Proof

As is evidenced in my posts, I use supplements. With two exceptions (spin traps), I sell what I use. I have a pretty consistent regimen that I stick with on a daily basis. As a 44 year old man, I become more cognizant of my physical and mental health as every year passes.

Regarding supplements, you might have mixed emotions on what works (for what) and what does not. "I feel better" is pretty subjective, but blood work does not lie.

I feel great, but wanted to see quantifiable evidence of what I was doing to my body. Good, or bad.

My physician, Dr. Rowell, expressed a high degree of skepticism as I asked for testing to document any benefits from my diet and supplement use. I didn't blame him a bit as the supplement business is rich with hype and poor with proof.

I went to pick up the test results today which were supposed to be simply handed over to me, but instead I was asked to take a seat and wait for the doctor to talk to me. Yikes! Why the hushed tones and consultation? Had I destroyed my liver? Were my kidneys fried? Was my blood a suitable substitute for coffee creamer?

After a few minutes I was ushered into the examination room and Dr. Rowell began rifling the 4 pages of lab results...

The upshot? He wanted to know what I was taking!


All parameters were perfect, CBC/Platelets were perfect, Comprehensive Metabolic Panel was perfect, Endocrinology was perfect.

Except Lipids:

Triglycerides at 88 mg/dL (halved from two years ago!)
Cholesterol 160 mg/dL (down from 198 two years ago)
Cholesterol/HDL ratio 3.5 (couldn't ask for better)

HS-CRP (High Sensitivity C-Reactive Protein) 0.27 mg/L (normal range 3-10)
No, that is not a typo: 0.27

Homocysteine 5.8 micromoles (Desirable for males: less than 11.4 micromoles/L)

My doctor had never seen a HS-CRP or homocysteine measurement so low in any of his patients before! These tests are a measure of inflammation response anywhere in your body, and have value in predicting cardiovascular risks. Do a Google on them to learn some very interesting facts about these measures.

Modern anti-aging research has many roads leading to reduction of inflammation as being key to anti-aging therapy (see Dr. Cynthia Kenyons ground breaking work). If you prefer Dr. Perricone and his style, you must remember he considers reducing inflammation as key to a healthy body.

So I left the physicians office quite thrilled- seems I have, through careful and intelligent supplementation, achieved, at least via currently measurable qualities, a highly desirable chemical balance in my body. Suitable, all things considered, for a very long and healthy life.

The best part? My business is focused like a laser on helping other people live longer, healthier lives. Bringing them products they can trust and building relationships based on offering superior value.

My supplement regimin in the next blog post. I can't wait to share with you!