Thursday, October 27, 2005

Mito-GOLD R-Lipoic/R-Dihydro lipoic Acid. Blog Sale

Once in a blue moon blog special.

Been wanting to try Mito-GOLD but have been on the fence? This is your one-time shot to buy it on sale.

Mito-GOLD is 50% r-lipoic acid / 50% r-dihydro lipoic acid with Delta-Tocotrienol and optically pure Biotin in a MCT base and is presently the only stabilized "time-release" r-lipoic product in the world.

The "father" of r-lipoic research, Bruce Ames, received a patent to use a Delta-Tocotrienol formulation as a triglyceride and fat reducing substance (" shows dose-dependent anti-adipogenesis activity...", ", can be used as a drug to reduce triglyceride accumulation...").

This is our flagship product and generates more positive email than any other item we offer. It is not cheap, and is worth every penny. Mito-GOLD's highly bioavalable ingredients can actually reverse enzyme and DNA oxidative damage.

Why Mito-GOLD?
  • It is a powerful antioxidant.
  • Promotes natural cellular ATP production, you feel energized, a rejuvenation effect.
  • Glycemic control- Improves your glucose intake and utilization.
  • Reverses insulin resistance (consult your Doctor).
  • Can actually reverse enzyme and DNA oxidative damage.
Mito-GOLD's ingredients regulate lipid and carbohydrate metabolism:
  • Reducing your appetite (decreases AMPK in the hypothalamus).
  • Decreasing your fat accumulation.
  • Increasing your lean muscle mass.
  • Lower your triglyceride levels, reduces your cardiovascular risk.
  • Modulates inflammation throughout your body.
Additional benefits:
  • R-Lipoic Acid is neuroprotective (protects your brain).
  • Chelates toxic heavy metals from your body.
Delta Tocotrienol
  • Is a super-potent antioxidant, the best of the Vitamin E family.
  • Increases endogenous (natural) production of CoQ10.
  • Exhibits anti-cancer effects.
According to the latest University of California SF research, antioxidants are critical to long and healthy life.

Read the research, grab a 3+ quantity discount and feel what the buzz is all about.

This is a very limited time sale and will end with no notice. Follow the links above to receive the special pricing.

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Pyridoxamine- Not Again...Oh Yes.

How did I miss this article(link fixed!) about pyridoxamine? Learn everything you have been wanting to know about legalities, lawsuits, DSHEA and the FDA in regards to pyridoxamine.

Advanced Orthomolecular Research may be about to introduce to the US a new product. We have the info listed here, but do not currently stock it. Do you want it?

Sounds to me like BioStratum made a colossal mistake in trying to stop pyridoxamine from being sold as a nutritional supplement, as it has been for years.